Seven Key Provisions in the Climate Deal

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Seven Key Provisions in the Climate Deal (Maria)

Too Secret? The Secret Service’s Long, Troubling History of Omerta

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Les 37 personnes tuées à Melilla sont les victimes de la politique criminelle de l’Europe

Le 24 juin dernier, la police marocaine a assassiné au moins 37 migrants à la frontière avec l’Espagne. Ce massacre montre à quel point l’Union européenne s’appuie sur des régimes autoritaires pour surveiller ses frontières — et démontre le caractère superficiel de l’image « progressiste » du gouvernement espagnol. Source : Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises

Welcome to the Anthropocene — The Age of Human Die-offs

The world today is on the verge of a major food emergency, provoked in part by Russia’s attack on Ukraine but more broadly by the damage that heat from global warming is doing to crops worldwide. This is both a crisis and an opportunity. Let’s start with the basics. Food is the raw material that makes people. More food, more people; less food, fewer people.

Restoring Faith in Elections One Doubter at a Time

With distrust in elections at an all-time high and in the face of raging misinformation, a North Carolina poll worker has made it her mission to save future elections at the local level by bringing people from all parties together and educating them on how the process actually works.   

Interview 1738 - James Corbett on The Budding Biosecurity State

via Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss the growing biosecurity state, how we got here, and what this inevitably leads to. As we review current events and discuss the varying perspectives surrounding this unprecedented time, we also highlight the many ways in which people are fighting back.

Les États-Unis s’engagent à traquer les criminels de guerre russes – mais ignorent les leurs

Le procureur général Merrick Garland a annoncé des enquêtes sur les crimes de guerre commis en Ukraine. Mais les propres atrocités impunies de l’Amérique sont pléthoriques. Source : Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises