Taking water when sick with the flu or whatever disease

This water think is a joke, I don't understand why people insist on taking a lot of water. First I'd say that it depends on the quality of the water you take. And Montreal's water is really trashy... In fact I think it does not help because it renders your system more full of it an this is friendly to germs and deceases development... Remember, you have to make your body in a state where it can attack the decease, not attract more problems. So, don't make it weak by ingesting a lot of stuff... What I do myself, and I don't get sick more than 3-4 days, as soon as I feel the flu, I sleep with something very hot around my neck and I stop eating everything except for a bowl of whole brown rice (organic please) cooked with a lot of *entire* garlic grains and a some salt. That's it for 3 days.

Charlie Hebdo - The Hidden Agenda Exposed [stormcloudsgathering.com]

Une petite retrospective, 1 mois plus tard et ļes esprits semblent encore congelés. Finalement la guerre contre le terrorisme est enfoncée dans la gorge des derniers sceptiques. S'il y avait une petite chance que certains ouvrent enfin les yeux, elle aété encore réduite à presque rien.

Ce genre d'événement devient tellement sacré. La critique est rendue impossible par un assemblage finement agencé des leviers de pouvoir. Chacun avec son grain de sel. Les médias ont leurs "criticons", les agences gouvernementales ont aussi leurs "lanceurs d'alerte", les militaires leurs "faucons" et leurs modérés. Cet agencement subtil de pour et de contre, de droite et de gauche, de roses et de bruns, de "main-stream" et "discidents" permet un brassage incroyablement fumeux. Un nuage de fumée âcre qui cache l'arbre qui cache la forêt.

On en oubli, et c'est bien là l'objectif, de voir les choses froidement.

Why you should hire me to keep your drupal website updated

This page explains very well why it is important for any business to keep their Drupal up to date, which, to be completely honest, is not even a full guarantee against attacks or not yet discovered security flaws. This is the case for any software.

This page (by Rudge JavaScript and web technologist - http://drupal.geek.nz/) is an example of the nightmare you could face if you have an old Drupal, if the data is not lost, it might cost you a lot to have a expert sorting things out.