Norman G. Finkelstein

Norman G. Finkelstein received his doctorate in 1988 from the Department of Politics at Princeton University.

For many years he taught political theory and the Israel-Palestine conflict. He currently writes and lectures.

Finkelstein is the author of nine books that have been translated into 50 foreign editions

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A correspondent comment on the state of American Jewry

[The correspondent prefers to remain anonymous) After reading your What Gandhi Says I bought and read Knowing Too Much, which I also found to be illuminating.  I must confess I read the book looking more for insight into domestic American politics than in American policy toward Israel and Palestine.  Jews in late 20th and early 21st century America have played an outsized role in politics, and changes in their political outlook and identification will have great influence on national affairs.  

Explaining the Israel-Palestine conflict and the siege of Gaza with Norman Finkelstein