Norman G. Finkelstein

Norman G. Finkelstein received his doctorate in 1988 from the Department of Politics at Princeton University.

For many years he taught political theory and the Israel-Palestine conflict. He currently writes and lectures.

Finkelstein is the author of nine books that have been translated into 50 foreign editions

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In these terrible times…

The Rabbi is leaving! Saturday morning service, the rabbi announced that he was planning to leave for a larger congregation that would pay him more.  There is a hush within the congregation. No one wants him to leave because he is so popular.  Fred Shapiro, who owns several car dealerships in Venice and Sarasota, stands up and proclaims: “If the Rabbi stays, I will provide him with a new Cadillac every year and his wife with a Honda mini-van to transport their children!  The congregation sighs in appreciation and applauds.

GAZA UPDATE (16 April 2017) Abbas Restoring Balance to The Universe

Once again, Gaza has to endure yet another fantasy of “Abbas restoring balance to the universe”,,, Past week, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (AKA the toothless bombsheller) decided unexpectedly on cutting %30 of the salaries that go to his head-nodding minions in Gaza, under the pretext of “fighting the blockade, Israel and Hamas;” Neither of which Abbas has any evidence that he’s making a progress about, but still, his muppets will always buy it.

Pictures sent by my friend Yarden Katz, who’s just back from Khalil (Hebron). Yarden is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

From Yarden: ​ I spent some time in Hebron H2 the other day. It was beyond depressing; nearly a ghost town. Felt sick. Went into Aida refugee camp too. Attached is a picture from their commemoration of children murdered in “Protective Edge.”

Hitler warns of humanitarian crisis in Warsaw Ghetto

Israel Warns UN of Imminent Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Strip Israeli military coordinator blames Hamas for Gaza’s failing water and electricity infrastructure Gili Cohen Apr 09, 2017 11:19 PM A water distribution point in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, 2016. AP Photo / Khalil Hamra

Did you ever read an article in which literally every single word is a fantasy?

Israel’s new missile defense system is a clear message to Iran, but it isn’t perfect New round of arms race begins as Israel forces Hezbollah and, to some extent, Hamas and Gaza groups to try to beat its latest advance. By  | Apr. 3, 2017 | 2:25 AM

The Truth from Palestine (a Gazan sent me the pictures and the captions)

1- The first three pictures are from the heated debate at the Arab summit 2017 in Jordan yesterday. 2- The fourth picture is Abbas’s newly elected PLO team. 3- The fifth picture is Abbas in his youth, when he wrote his masterpiece questioning the authenticity of the holocaust whole story. 4- The sixth picture is the opening of the new Palestinian Consulate in France, with Abbas looking out of the window. 5- Ismail Hanyia taking a selfie with a picture of Prince Tamim of Qatar in a celebration funded by the Qatar’s government. 6- Yahia al-Sinwar, the new leader of Hamas (no comment).

“has psychological problems and few friends” (sounds like Israel)

‘Dual US-Israeli citizen behind most JCC bomb threat calls’ Police at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas (File).(Photo by: REUTERS) By YONAH JEREMY BOB 03/23/2017 A 19-year-old dual American Israeli living in Ashkelon has been arrested, suspected of being behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that date back around six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Finkelstein under Attack by German Parliamentarian and Self-Styled Friend of Israel Volker Beck (Green Party)

Volker Beck empfiehlt sich – mit einem Angriff auf Norman Finkelstein   Der US-Politologe Norman G. Finkelstein war im Januar einer Einladung des Max-Planck-Instituts in Halle gefolgt. Die Kunde von diesem unerhörten Vorgang drang bis nach Florida zum gescheiterten republikanischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten Marco Rubio, der sich empört zeigte. Nun soll sich gar der Bundestag mit der Causa Finkelstein befassen.