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Florida’s Largest Coalition Will Take Over the Orlando Sky During CPAC!

Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity (FUAMI) and Businesses For The American Way (FBFAW) are launching “FUAMI Sky Campaigns” via chartered planes throughout Florida. The first FUAMI Sky Campaign is scheduled for Friday, February 26, during CPAC in Orlando, Florida. The coalition’s aerial banner will counter Florida’s Grim Reaper’s pejorative sky-banner attack targeting DeSantis on Friday. [&;]

FUAMI Launches “Businesses For The American Way”- FBFAW

FUAMI has launched a new coalition of independent companies united for sane and prosperous States- starting with its Chapter in the State of Florida: Florida Businesses For The American Way At the time of its launch today- on February 22, 2021, FBFAW has a list of over a dozen companies registered in Florida, ranging from [&;]

OP-ED: A Little Reason in a Time of Madness; Who is That Masked Man?

If we all are supposed to wear masks, shouldn’t we at least take a reasoned look at what that really does or doesn’t do for our health? After all, isn’t the supposed rationale that wearing a mask helps protect our health, protects us against COVID? What doesn’t wearing a COVID Mask do? It doesn’t really [&;]

OP-ED: A Little Reason in a Time of Madness; a Comparison

With the constant media bombardment of hysteria, fear mongering and doomsday pandemic claims it’s difficult if not downright impossible to get an accurate picture of the real risks posed by COVID-19 and the necessity of the draconian responses to it. One way to shed some light, to get a better picture, is to compare statistical [&;]

Top News Nov 18- A “Secret” Chinese Base, US Quietly Removes A Jihadi Group from Terror List & Op Gladio B!

Secret Chinese Base in Central Asia is the Latest Major Development in CIA-NATO Operation Gladio B A reporter with London-based and Saudi-financed TV station Iran International earlier this month visited a remote Pamir Mountain area bordering China and Afghanistan that is known to be the location of the outpost. The complex comprises around two dozen [&;]

Top News Nov 13- Will This 9/11 Culprit Head Biden’s CIA, “Breathing Freely” now a Carrot for COVID Shot!

UK Spy Agency Ready to launch a major offensive cyber operation against anti-vaccine propaganda &; Communications online BRITAIN’S SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE AGENCY is preparing to launch a major offensive cyber operation against propaganda aimed at undermining research on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Top News Nov 11- McCarthy Era Revival Kicks in, EU Banning Encryption & Turkey Begins Pandering to Biden!

Biden Side Promotes a Political Blacklist Against Conservatives Who Publicly Support Trump &; Issues Threats on Their “Future Employability”! CNN’s Jake Tapper promotes a political blacklist against conservatives after warning Trump supporters to think about how “future employers” will judge their character as a result of their political views.

Top Developments Nov 9- NWO Health Police Ready to Takeover USA, Breaking TurkeyGate Resignation & More!

W.H.O. (World Health Organization) Anticipates Taking Over US COVID-19 Policy &; Practices with Biden Presidency World Health Organization (W.H.O.) director Tedros said on Monday that he looks forward to “working very closely” with Joe Biden, who said he would immediately reverse Trump’s decision to freeze U.S.