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“The Home of the Irate Minority”

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Resist the Coup: Our 1st National Campaign- Tomorrow (Sunday)

Watch Full Episode Resist the Coup: Our first national action campaign is scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday (June 7), at 12 pm ET. Gather outside houses of worship. At exactly 12 ET, we’ll stand up, and recite our National Anthem together. Dress respectfully and appropriately. Come armed only with your faith and dedication to your faith [&;]

Live Session Tonight: The Coup Enters Phase 3: Co-opted Generals & Insiders

Good Afternoon (FL Time) my Newsbud and CommonSense Patreon Networks. Log in to my Patreon Network tonight at 9:00pm ET (New York Time for those of you outside USA). This will be a closed session, accessible only to Newsbud &; CommonSense Patreon members. Here's the link: Here's the time: Thursday, June 4, 9:00 p.m. [&;]