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Por Maram Susli em Global Independent Analytics - 6 de Abril de 2016PORQUE É QUE UM ENCLAVE CURDO NA SÍRIA É UMA IDEIA MUITO MÁAlgumas razões simples que explicam porque é que a reivindicação da autonomia federal e a anexação de território sírio pelo PYD/YPG são ilegítimas, antidemocráticas e podem conduzir ao genocídio.
  1. Os curdos não são a maioria nas áreas que PYD/YPG procuram anexar
A região de Al Hasakah, que o Partido Nacionalista Curdo (PYD) e sua ala militar YPG têm declarado ser um estado federal curdo, não tem uma maioria curda.

Washington Institute Messengers for ALQaeda to The State Department

EXPOSED: Goon from the Washington Institute think tank acts as messenger boy for ALQaeda to its supporters in the State Department.Washington Institute fellow Aaron Y.Zelin sent a private message through his twitter account @Azlan, to the leader of Al Qaeda of shoot Ahrar Al Sham, suggesting that he may help relay a message to his supporters in the US State Departement.

ISIS Destroys Palmyra Artefacts

ISIS Destroys Palmyra Artefacts.ISIS barbarian kneels to destroy 2000 year old Statue in Palmyra, Syria.In what the UNESCO are calling 'Cultural Cleansing' ISIS is continuing to destroy Syrian artefacts, this time in the ancient city of Palmyra. While we watch thousands of years of history get destroyed by ISIS barbarians, we should remember how we got here. In 2011 the US destabilised Syria by backing the muslim brotherhood and alQaeda linked insurrection, just enough that it would cause a protracted war.

What the Fake

What the Fake Syria Sniper Boy Video Tell Us About Media ExpertsNovember 27, 2014 (Maram Susli - NEO) Many mainstream media websites helped a fake video go viral this month. The video showing a young Syrian boy running through sniper fire to save a little girl, was exposed as a fake when the Norwegian producer Lars Klevberg made the fact public.

The US strengthened

The US strengthened ISIS as an excuse to attack Iraq and Syria"When the fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin', but not to help"ISIS is too strong not to have a powerful state backer, it's difficult to believe they have achieved their air of invincibility through simple mosque donations. To answer the question which state is backing ISIS, one must first reach the obvious conclusion that Iran stands to lose the most from the ISIS take over of Iraq.


BREAKING: ISIS takes over MosulISIS have taken over Mosul a large City in the northern Part of Iraq, and in the process have captured US military equipment. They have used the attack as a spring board to take over Kirkuk and its oil fields. The attack also has ramifications for Syria as the emboldened terror group ISIS is also attacking Hassakeh city with it's new found power. The attack could be a push towards Baghdad.As ISIS captures more areas which contain military bases they have mechanised and begun rapidly advancing.