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Tor somehow manages to get worse

Our old friends at the U.S. Pentagon’s Tor Project have had a hard time of it recently. The public face of Tor, Jacob Appelbaum, was forced to resign from the project when it was revealed he apparently is a sexual predator.The first thing you should note is that he was forced to resign after it was revealed he’s a serial rapist - not “he was fired because…” - Tor’s leadership knew about this for a long time.

Hypocrisy Beyond Comprehension

You may have noticed that Team Pierre was all aflutter about the impeachment process against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff last week. I decided to take a look at their coverage which is being led by team captain Glenn Greenwad’s partner, David Miranda. First he co-authored a piece with Saint Glenn and Andrew Fishman for Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept. Followed a few days later with an op-ed in The Guardian.

Anarchist Empire

Have you ever been hit with the realization that you haven’t thought about a particular person for a relatively significant period of time? Such an instance happened to me just now when someone else reminded me that celebrity left anarchist Charles Davis exists on this Earth along with the rest of us. I simply hadn’t thought of that ridiculous moron in I don’t know how long, and it was good.I’m not bitter that I was reminded of Chuckles. Indeed, it gives me a chance to say something here I’ve been meaning to say for a very long time.

NFL Films: Saving the world from stupid reality since 1962

The final moments of the New England Patriots first Superbowl win back in 2002 were quite dramatic. The final play of the game, an Adam Vinatieri field goal, decided the outcome. The third to last play of the game may not have been its most dramatic - a short pass from Tom Brady to Tight End Jermaine Wiggins - but it made Vinatieri’s attempt a shorter and higher percentage one.

Explaining Chomsky to Chomsky fans

Pokemon: even if you disagree with him on lets say 90% of what that he stands for, he should be celebrated for his courageous work on exposing NSA and Mass surveillance
Selection of topics is the most important factor in Herman and Chomsky’s propaganda model.You don’t like “Mass surveillance”? Have you noticed that Saint Glenn doesn’t write about Google’s for-profit surveillance? (In fact he often openly mocks journalists who do on social media) Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. have it in their terms of use that they can

Republican Presidential Hopefuls All In Favor of Socialized Medicine!

I don’t really follow local news much. If I did it’s safe to assume I would be more vocal about living in a state run by an obnoxious Koch Tea Party douche. (To all you real leftists out there, even though it’s my mother we are talking about, I do apologize for doing something as gauche as referring to

Irony, bro

Snooping around the fake Left I came across a predictable reaction to some Tim Shorrock tweets critical of a privacy activist who doubles as a Pentagon contractor’s call for the personal information of 4 million Americans to be posted online:Posted by a confused, uninformed Pokemon there is nothing very noteworthy about that but you may recognize the avatar showing who FAV’d the tweet - independent journalist Ben Norton.

Oh for sure man

Not that I intend on making writing about twitter trolls a habit but continuing from my last post I came upon a tweet I simply had to comment on.This is the tweet he is referring to:Now, some explaining may be required to fully comprehend just how disgusting this dongohuber is. The story, briefly:There was this guy on Twitter who, well, it’s kind of hard to explain. Basically he would ask questions of people involved in the Snowden leaks (and anything else on his mind, I reckon) on twitter, especially the Tor project and the fact that Snowden interacted with these people prior to the leaks.

The Bad Opinions of Horrible People

Last night, as a joke, I tried confronting a Twitter troll with my perception of who they are as a person. I was given a firm answer:Honestly? I probably do. But, as always whenever I confront an Emoprog Army troll, couchdefiler was quickly joined in her unprovoked attacks by twitterer dongohuber. Over the next hour or so they made countless replies to my one on one discussions with couchdefiler, insulting me and trying to discredit me.

Belichick shines as America whines

Watching the narratives the media has been feeding the masses this NFL season has something other than else. A month into the season sharp minds at Bill Belichick press conferences were pressing the coach on whether he had supplied Tom Brady with enough talent to compete with the likes of (ahem) Peyton Manning.

Roger Goodell: Poster Boy For American Incompetence

At halftime of a week 1 NFL game between the Jets and Patriots in 2007 the Jets alerted NFL officials that the Patriots were using a camera on their sideline to tape the Jets sideline during the game. New NFL commissioner Roger Goodell investigated the matter and penalized the Patriots with a hefty fine and also took away a valuable #1 draft pick. That, perhaps thought Roger, was that. But, Roger was wrong.

Craigslist Killer

Shocking court documents revealed by Mark Ames add another piece to the horrifying puzzle that is eBay / PayPal billionaire Pierre Omidyar. Ten years ago Omidyar willfully perpetrated fraud and stole from his business partners at Craigslist. He did this not only to enrich himself, but also to spitefully crush a business model that rejected the established neoliberal principles of corporate culture. Allegedly.

This time is different...

A new film has recently brought attention to Gary Webb’s heroic and tragic story. The attitude among young progressives is clear: Sure, that may have fooled those yokels back in the 90s, but I’m too hip and smart, and today I would see through any attempt to ruin a journalist for reporting on what the CIA didn’t want reported. Yet… We are currently in middle of a story that in many ways is identical to Webb’s experience. I’m talking about Yasha Levine’s reporting on the Tor project for Pando Daily.

Corruption At First Look Media Appears To Be Total

Has Pierre Omidyar lost his mind? The eBay / PayPal billionaire has apparently prevented Matt Taibbi from reporting the story he paid him to investigate for First Look Media. The story featured a whistle-blower speaking out about JPMorgan, their predatory lending prosecution, and the way corporations are able to gag reporting on their corruption - a legal power to keep the public ignorant which Taibbi says allows the unethical banking practices to continue.

On the Meaning of Journalistic Hypocrisy: The Death of #TeamPierre

The NSA leaks are a pretty big deal. There is one person Edward Snowden empowered with these documents who we know understands it’s a big deal because he tells us how important it is everyday and he wouldn’t lie to us ever because he’s a lawyer.Like all big deals, people are paying attention. That’s kind of what makes them big deals. I’ll not be the one to demand rules be followed here but perhaps we can agree it’s sound advice to behave sensibly if the whole world is watching?

It's the economic factors, stupid

Why is it I’ve never heard anyone criticize the Three Stooges for their shocking attitudes on social Darwinism? As they were making anti-Nazi propaganda films they were also making shorts that advanced the idea that heredity, not environment, is the deciding factor in our behavior. Moe beams with pride over Larry’s ability to read a child’s textbook

Applying the Propaganda Model to First Look

As the world holds its collective breath waiting for the launch of Matt Taibbi’s digital magazine at Pierre Omidyar’s First Look I thought it was a good time to apply the Propaganda Model to the content they’ve produced thus far. Obviously most of the reporting at Greenwald’s The Intercept has dealt with government leaks - including post-Snowden material. However, recently Glenn has been writing about the situations in Gaza and Iraq, meaning they have moved on to different stories.

Tor: Neoliberal Tool of Corporate America

I kept thinking about how Tor pimps always cite people living in repressive countries as the reason we need the anonymity tool. Finally it occurred to me - they aren’t worried about a political dissident in China being able to use the internet without fear. They are worried about a billion potential corporate customers being blocked by a government. Websites blocked in China

Edward Snowden: Corporate Shill

Two months before Edward Snowden met Glenn Greenwald in Hong Kong I wrote about the massive amount of coverage the New York Times was giving to a story about Chinese military hackers. I concluded that along with a push to increase publicly funded computer research the elite media was also advocating for COINTELPRO style activity against dissidents like Anonymous.
When Hoover started COINTELPRO it wasn’t to fight crime, it was to crush dissent.
It was about Anonymous.

The Worst People On Earth

"The person who raped and killed my seven year old child was able to sell videos of it online but I know that’s a small price to pay if it means Al-Qaeda members fighting the Assad regime in Syria are able to post Tweets."

Must have struck a nerve

I Tweeted this image in reply to Sam Knight's reply to Glenn Greenwald's tweet attacking Hillary Clinton. I didn’t do so to defend Hillary but rather to make light of the fact that Greenwald’s twitter feed is a non-stop assault on Democrats and MSNBC while he seldom criticizes Republicans / Libertarians or Fox News for the same (or worse).

Women: Eternally Trolled

In its most basic sense internet trolling is doing or saying anything with the sole intent of upsetting someone. If you want to upset someone who is upset by being called fat you call them fat. If they are skinny and don’t mind being called fat you call them something else. If what upsets them is being called a faggot you call them a faggot. If being called a stupid bitch dumb slut whore upsets them you call them that if you want to upset them.

Chomksy demonstrates how not to get a retweet from Greenwald

Noam Chomsky helped Glenn Greewald promote his new book about Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks in May - what could make Glenn not want to return the favor? I came across a recent Noam Chomsky article on Accompanying the piece was this image of a demonstration demanding an investigation of the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, complete with a sign featuring a picture of Edward Snowden: