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Quand vous recevez un lien d'un ami ou d'un fil de nouvelle, avant de le redistribuer il faut verifier l'information dans 6 ou 7 articles à travers le web, au moins ! Il y a des miliers de points de vue sur les événements. Il ne faut as hésiter à lire la propagande "ennemie", celle qui ne vous plait pas... Parce que la vérité ne réside jamais qu'entre toutes ces "vérités". C'est très difficile mais c'est toujours bien meilleur que de n'avoir qu'un avis (la TV en général, ou facebook...)... Si vous voulez *vraiment* essayer de comprendre ce que que voous lisez ou entendez.

C'est un peu ce que raconte ce barbus, c'est très interressant

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Canadian Mailman With Immunocompromised Wife Sent Home for Wearing N95 Mask While Working

In what can only be described as further proof that our Covid psychosis is nowhere near being over, reports surfaced this week that a Canada Post mail carrier was sent home from his job on Monday because he was wearing an N95 mask. The problem? It wasn&;t a company-mandated cloth mask &; it was actually a better one.

The IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to View Tax Returns This Summer

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has partnered with a Virginia-based private identification firm which requires a facial recognition selfie among other things, in order to create or access online accounts with the agency.

President of Ukraine Admits “Russian Invasion” Fears Driven by “Big Hype” and Blames the Media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is attempting to calm his population amid persisting and breathless international media reports that over 100,000 Russian troops are set for an &;invasion&; of Ukraine &;at any point&

Senator to Host D.C. Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines, Treatments with Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough on Monday

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is  together an expert panel of scientists and doctors to talk about COVID-19 vaccines and early treatments from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET on Monday, January 24 in Washington, D.C at the Russell Senate Office Building, Kennedy Caucus Room 325.

WOW!! They’re Running Away From The Crumbling Narrative!

Lab-Leak Whitewash Has Been the “Death of Science” Says Scientist Who Found “Unique Fingerprints”

University of London professor Angus Dalgleish, who co-authored a paper in summer 2020 after spotting &;unique fingerprints&; in Covid-19 samples that point to genetic manipulation, says that he&;s been the victim of a &

Fourth COVID-19 Jab Fails to Prevent Omicron Infection, Israeli Study Shows

The latest research out of Israel appears to confirm what skeptics have long feared: even two or three booster shots aren&;t enough to protect somebody &; even those who are perfectly healthy &; from being infected with the om

“Total Disinformation”: Russia Denies U.S. Claims of Secret “False Flag” Operation in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday that Moscow is planning a “false flag” operation in eastern Ukraine as a way to justify an invasion. Lavrov dismissed the US accusation as “total disinformation” and reaffirmed that Moscow wants a written response from Washington on the security guarantees Russia is seeking from NATO.

Convicted Pedophile Illegally Funneled Millions in Foreign Cash Into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign

Convicted pedophile, UAE adviser and central witness in former special counsel Robert Mueller&;s Russia investigation, George Nader, has pleaded guilty to his role in helping the UAE funnel millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions into US campaigns during the 2016 presidential election, according to 

Ghislaine Maxwell Ends Fight to Keep Epstein “John Does” Secret; Suspected of “Intimate Relationship” With Prince Andrew

Convicted sex offender and UK socialite Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer be keeping &;vast swaths of information&; about her &;sex trafficking operation&

Never Underestimate How Badly the Powerful Need Control of Online Speech

Seems like almost every day now the mass media are blaring about the need for speech on the internet to be controlled or restricted in some way. Today they&;re running stories about ; tomorrow it will be something else.

False Flags Suddenly No Longer a Crazy Conspiracy Theory, According to U.S.

In a drastic pivot from typical denunciations of false flag operations as conspiratorial nonsense that don&;t exist outside the demented imagination of Alex Jones, the US political/media class is proclaiming with one voice that Russia is currently orchestrating just such an operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

BOMBSHELL: The CIA Has Been Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries to “Kill Russians”

The CIA has been overseeing a secret training program for Ukrainian special operations forces and intelligence operatives since 2015,  reported on Thursday, citing five former intelligence and national security officials.

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for 80 Million Workers

Despite the spewed forth by Justice Sotomayor, The US Supreme Court has blocked the Biden administration&;s vaccine-or-test rule for US businessesbut allows vaccine mandate for most health care workers.

Prince Andrew Stripped of All Royal Patronages, Will Defend Pedo Case as “Private Citizen”

Just one day after Prince Andrew lost a bid to dismiss a sexual abuse lawsuit brought against him by accuser Virginia Giuffre, the Royal agreed to be stripped of all official military affiliations and Royal patronages.

GET READY: They’re Preparing For A MAJOR Domestic Conflict!

Ivermectin “Works Throughout All Phases” of COVID-19, According to Leaked Military Documents

Update (1505ET): As more and more information pours out of the Project Veritas leaked military documents, there appears to be a damning section in support of Ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment.

“I Want to Stay and Try to Compete”: Djokovic Breaks Silence After Being Freed by Australian Judge

Update (0900ET): Tennis pro Novak Djokovic has broken his silence hours after being freed from immigration detention by an Australian judge. In a tweet, the tennis pro said that he would like to stay in Melbourne and try to compete in the Australian Open.

The Hunter Connection? Kazakh Intelligence Chief Arrested for Treason Was “Close Friends” With Bidens

Among the boldest and eye-brow raising political moves by embattled Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev within the past days that grabbed international headlines was his ordering the arrest of Kazakhstan&;s powerful former intelligence chief, Karim Massimov, on the charge of high treason.