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Quand vous recevez un lien d'un ami ou d'un fil de nouvelle, avant de le redistribuer il faut verifier l'information dans 6 ou 7 articles à travers le web, au moins ! Il y a des miliers de points de vue sur les événements. Il ne faut as hésiter à lire la propagande "ennemie", celle qui ne vous plait pas... Parce que la vérité ne réside jamais qu'entre toutes ces "vérités". C'est très difficile mais c'est toujours bien meilleur que de n'avoir qu'un avis (la TV en général, ou facebook...)... Si vous voulez *vraiment* essayer de comprendre ce que que voous lisez ou entendez.

C'est un peu ce que raconte ce barbus, c'est très interressant

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BREAKING: It’s Happening! But It’s NOT What You Think…

Jon Stewart Melts Down at Jack Posobiec Outside U.S. Capitol — Then Makes Peace

Comedian Jon Stewart had an absolute meltdown after journalist Jack Posobiec approached him to discuss a bill in Congress that would have helped veterans affected by burn pits, until Democrats pulled a last minute &;blank check&; financial trick to the tune of $400 billion, which GOP lawmakers refused to sign off on.

China’s Army Posts “Get Ready for War!” Message as State Media Says Military Has “Right” to Intercept Pelosi’s Plane

Update(1408ET): The Chinese government&;s English language mouthpiece Global Times has grown particularly loud and bellicose in response to Nancy Pelosi&;s potential trip to the self-ruled 

U.S. Carrier Group Heads Towards Taiwan Ahead of Potential Pelosi Trip as China Warns of “Forceful Response”

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) follows through on her planned trip to Taiwan, the US military will beef up security in case a &;mishap, misstep or misunderstanding&; endangers her safety, 

Whistleblowers Say FBI Sabotaged Hunter Biden Evidence to Derail Investigation

Several FBI whistleblowers say that the agency&;s probe into Hunter Biden was internally sabotaged during the 2020 election in order to derail the investigation, after agents wrongfully deemed verified evidence as &;disinformation&

Russia Informs Turkey It Had “Absolutely Nothing to Do” With Odessa Port Attack

Update (Sunday): Moscow said on Sunday that its cruise missiles had struck the military infrastructure of Ukraine&;s Odessa port, a day after telling Turkey that Russia had &;nothing to do&; with the strike following

DOJ Blocked Release of ‘Russiagate’ Documents Declassified by Trump to Expose FBI Abuses

The Department of Justice blocked the release of hundreds of pages of &;Russiagate&; documents that were declassified by then-president Donald Trump, who wanted to expose FBI abuses against he and his inner circle surrounding the 2016 US election and beyond.

Feds Eye Criminal Charges for Hunter Biden as Probe Reaches “Critical Stage”

The Department of Justice is weighing possible charges against Hunter Biden, after investigations into his business dealings and false statements involving his purchase of a gun have reached a &;critical juncture,&; 

Saudi Arabia Reveals It Doesn’t Have Capacity to Boost Oil Production as World Grows Even More Hungry

Saudi Arabia, the world&;s largest crude oil exporter, doesn&;t have enough production capacity to boost oil production in a world still hungry for fossil fuels, implying that President Biden&;s recent trip to the Kingdom was a waste

Mexican President Renews Offer to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange in Letter to Biden

On Monday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he delivered a letter to President Biden last week where he pleaded for the US not to prosecute Julian Assange 

Watch: As Mask Mandate Looms, L.A. Hospital Officials Mock “Media Hype”

In a press conference dripping with a mix of exasperation and dry-witted sarcasm, two officials at one of the largest hospital systems in Southern California threw a bucket of cold water on media and government efforts to whip the public into a state of fear over the latest Covid-19 uptick.

Nancy Pelosi Urges Support of $50 Billion “CHIPS” Bill Hours After Disclosing $8 Million Nvidia Stake

Oh, look: Nancy Pelosi is pushing legislation that stands to benefit her significantly thanks to a couple of brand new, multi-million dollar trades she has made. Stop us if you&;ve heard this one before&;