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Quand vous recevez un lien d'un ami ou d'un fil de nouvelle, avant de le redistribuer il faut verifier l'information dans 6 ou 7 articles à travers le web, au moins ! Il y a des miliers de points de vue sur les événements. Il ne faut as hésiter à lire la propagande "ennemie", celle qui ne vous plait pas... Parce que la vérité ne réside jamais qu'entre toutes ces "vérités". C'est très difficile mais c'est toujours bien meilleur que de n'avoir qu'un avis (la TV en général, ou facebook...)... Si vous voulez *vraiment* essayer de comprendre ce que que voous lisez ou entendez.

C'est un peu ce que raconte ce barbus, c'est très interressant

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The Divide and Conquer Chaos Agenda EXPOSED

In his latest video, Luke discusses how difficult it has been to watch the infighting that is occurring and the responses that media have made to the Charlottesville situation.

Video: The Biggest Lie Sold To Us About North Korea

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on North Korea and comments of U.S President Donald Trump. As these two countries face off on the global stage, we go into the threats made against Guam, where China and Russia stand on this conflict and their likely response.

“Hero” Who Stopped WannaCry Charged By FBI Over Banking Trojan

Marcus Hutchins, the 23 year old British cyber security researcher who was credited with thwarting the WannaCry global cyber attack, has been arrested by the FBI over his alleged involvement in another malicious software targeting bank accounts.

Infographic: Inside Bohemian Grove

This WeAreChange infographic details the secretive Bohemian Clubs private campground the Bohemian Grove, where each year in July many of the elites of the United States meet for privately for upwards of two weeks.  Many strange rituals take place amongst the redwoods of California along with talks and discussions often of a political nature.

French Government Overwhelmed In Migration Crisis

This is Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange. We all hear about the immigration problem in Europe, but unless you are here, seeing, smelling it, and living it, then you have no idea about the reality of the situation. We are on the ground here in Paris, France where we are seeing the migration crisis in France first hand.

E.U. Human Trafficking Epidemic Exposed!

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange reports from Sicily, Italy which is currently the gateway of the refugee crisis. This is mainly due to Italy’s proximity to Libya where they see a lot of NGO boats rescuing refugees and migrants. They are bringing them from the coast of Libya to Italy, and there are some unintended consequences to all of this since there has been a mass migration.

Who Is Jeffrey Epstein?

Hi everybody Jason Burmas here, reporting for WeAreChange.org. Today I am taking an in-depth look at someone that has largely been shrouded in mystery over the last decade. This person is Jeffrey Epstein, and he is the man that is behind the so called Lolita Express. Lolita Express is the name given to his place in the Virgin Islands where he was trafficking young girls. We will be investigating his actions and crimes and look into why he got off so easily.

Imagine Our Shock! High Court Rules Government Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia Lawful

Activists from Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) have lost a high-profile case which called for the end of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia on humanitarian grounds. The High Court ruled the Government is not breaking the law by continuing to sign off the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.

VIDEO: WeAreChange Live Stream AMA with TimCast

In this latest video, Luke and Tim Pool go live for an hour, taking questions from the audience.  At one point, Tim breaks into song for 100 schmeckles! They discuss a wide variety of topics including *Punching nazis *9/11.. WTH? *What shape is the earth *Why cussing on YouTube is a no-no

VIDEO: What You Need To Know About The Soon To Be Most Powerful Man In America

What You Need To Know About The Soon To Be Most Powerful Man In America

In this video Jason discusses Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, his beginnings, Amazon, Blue Origin, his purchase of the Washington Post and the potential effects of automation. Jason Bermas for WeAreChange:

Video: The Truth Behind Trumps MSNBC Tweets, Sargon of Akkad Investigated?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news of the MSNBC Mika Brzezinski face-lift Trump tweet, Sargon of Akkad being investigated by Patreon, updates on the U.S Petro dollar, a 10 million dollar fundraiser, John Podesta&;s latest testimony and a lot more.

Finsbury Park Mosque Terror Attack: 47-year-old Darren Osborne Arrested

A man has been arrested on suspicion of terror offences after he drove a van into a group of worshippers close to a mosque in north London. One man, who had taken ill before the attack began, died and nine others were taken to hospital, some of whom were critically injured. A total of eleven people sustained injuries.

VIDEO: WTH Really Happened? ? The Real Attorney General Scandal, Dennis ‘Diplomat’ Rodman in North Korea, Privacy Crisis

Here’s some recent news the MSM decided is too real to report on. First up- Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions is under tons of scrutiny by the liberal media for his supposed meeting with a Russian Envoy. Sessions now faces a pointless hearing for doing what politicians are supposed to do.. talk with each other.