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My name is Russ Baker. For more than two decades I have been an investigative journalist, doing what I believed journalists were supposed to do—seek the truth and publish nothing less. Over the years, however, I have learned how the media gatekeepers, both “mainstream” and “alternative,” will not allow the biggest, most disturbing revelations to see the light of day.


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The Next Generation of Conservatives Is Hoping to Make Its Mark… After Trump

Some days it seems, at least from reading the mainstream news or cable television, that all millennials are voting for Democrats, or that college-educated kids are all going to be part of the “blue wave.” In fact, there is a whole cadre of young Republicans and conservatives populating college campuses, who see themselves as the post-Trump future of the Republican Party.Journalist Eliza Gray recently went looking for the heart and soul of young conservatism as part of a

We Don’t Know What Our Computers Are Doing

Most of us really don’t know what our computers are doing. We just know that we use them for working, communicating, shopping, banking, and having fun. But the reality is that IT experts don’t know either.This was demonstrated by several recent stories of security failures and hardware flaws of an extraordinary nature.

Washington State Judge Rules Against Kids in Climate Change Lawsuit

As wildfire smoke clouded the skies of Seattle, a Washington judge ruled Tuesday to dismiss a lawsuit against the State of Washington filed by a group of young climate change activists — who range in age from 8 to 18.

5 Years After ‘Shelby County,’ Democracy Has Suffered

Five years ago, the Supreme Court handed states with a history of discrimination a blank check to make it more difficult for certain demographics to vote. Within 24 hours, they started to cash in. Polling locations closed and early voting windows shortened. No longer subject to federal oversight, state legislators implemented voter identification laws. The court’s landmark decision in Shelby County v. Eric Holder triggered a fundamental shift in managing discrimination at the ballot box.

Are a Million Uighur Muslims Being Held in Camps in China?

Merkel’s Weekend Plans? Meet with Putin (Dan)

Putin has won another . This time it’s German chancellor Angela Merkel. The two are set to discuss Syria, Ukraine, and the natural gas pipeline that President Trump claimed made Germany “captive” to Russia.

Apple Complains About Property Taxes (Reader Steve)

Picking Sides in Saudi Arabia’s Feud With Canada

Sometimes when witnessing an argument, it’s not easy to figure out which side to support. Take the recent spat between Canada and Saudi Arabia. On the one hand, you have Canada asking Saudi Arabia for the release of peaceful human rights activists. On the other hand, you have Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most repressive regimes, completely melt down in response. That’s a tough one.

The Iran Nuclear Deal and the View From Tehran

Seyed Hossein Mousavian is a Middle East security and nuclear policy specialist at the Woodrow Wilson Center at Princeton. A former Iranian ambassador to Germany, he was the chief spokesman for Iran during its nuclear negotiations with the international community. Several years ago, he parted ways with the Iranian government.

Battle Over Opioids: Surprising Push-Back, and Not From Dealers

The first known victims of prescription opioids were not hardened addicts who stole the drugs to get high. They were injured workers, whose treatment was driven by a narrative that changed the way doctors thought about pain. Now, says the physician who discovered those first deaths, a “huge counter-narrative” may be putting some unsuspecting patients in danger.

The Mouth That Roared — How Rush Limbaugh Changed America

From long before the rise of Fox News, talk radio has been the essential medium through which millions and millions of hard-core conservatives comprehend the world. From its inception, talk radio has been built around codes of tribal identity, grievances, and scorn. Originally tapped as entertainers, talk show hosts soon learned to mobilize public anger in ways that boosted their listenership enormously. Talk radio’s modern era began 30 years ago this month, with the national launch of Rush Limbaugh’s show.

What Do Arpaio and Putin Have in Common? Steven Seagal

Trump’s Immigration Hardliners Stay Hard (Dan)

Despite criticism over the Trump administration’s separation of immigrant families at the US-Mexico border, as well as the botched process of reuniting them, immigration hardliners like Stephen Miller are now focusing on .

Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Was… a Fraud

New documents demonstrate that President Donald Trump’s commission on election integrity was definitively full of hot air. Emails from the commission, coined the “voter fraud commission,” reveal behind-the-scenes exchanges aiming to make something out of nothing. The Commission, created in May 2017 and disbanded in January 2018 was a project created to address what the president, and others, alleged was a national voter fraud crisis. A bipartisan group of commissioners began investigating the issue.

LeBron v. Trump: A Tale of Two Schools

When LeBron James criticized President Donald Trump in February, Fox News host and frequent Trump apologist Laura Ingraham told the basketball star to “shut up and dribble.” Fortunately for hundreds of kids in James’s hometown of Akron, OH, he did not follow her advice. Earlier this week, James opened the I Promise School, a public elementary school that he co-founded. Through his foundation, and based on his personal struggles at that age, he wanted to create a unique learning environment for kids at risk of falling behind.

Mueller Is Not the End, but Just the Beginning

With every news cycle we eagerly gobble down the “feel good” pieces by “expert” tea-leaf readers predicting the coming comeuppance for Trump and his cadre. These experts posit the risks the Trump forces face, delight in the prospects, and offer hope that the end of our long national nightmare is at hand. Of course, no one actually knows, but that doesn&;t matter.

1943 Harlem Race Riot: What the Hell Happened?

Seventy-five years ago in Harlem, an argument started over a dollar bill. It ended up in a riot the lives of six people (five shot by police), 495 injured, over 500 arrested, and an estimated five million dollars ($75 million in 2018 dollars) in damages to property — white-owned property.

What Will Happen If Abortion Legislation Is Turned Back to the States?

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s resignation from the Supreme Court in June has suddenly intensified concerns for pro-choice advocates. With President Donald Trump’s second SCOTUS appointment, and his , many fear a return to pre-Roe v. Wade days.

Use It or Lose It — Voter Purges on the Rise

Most people do not wake up every day wondering if their name is still on the voter registration rolls. But maybe more of them should.In the past decade, voter purges have grown in intensity, sometimes removing thousands of eligible voters from the rolls.

A Reminder That Elections Matter and Every Vote Does Count

The midterms are now less than 100 days away. They will be a crucial referendum on whether the American people want to place a check on President Donald Trump. Democrats are trying to overcome obstacles, such as gerrymandering and new voter suppression laws, and hope to ride a “blue wave” to a majority in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, they face even more of an uphill battle as only a handful of the seats that are in play are held by the GOP.