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My name is Russ Baker. For more than two decades I have been an investigative journalist, doing what I believed journalists were supposed to do—seek the truth and publish nothing less. Over the years, however, I have learned how the media gatekeepers, both “mainstream” and “alternative,” will not allow the biggest, most disturbing revelations to see the light of day.


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The Mystery of Stupidity

Reading Time: 6 minutesScience has always held the answers — or at least the promise of answers — to many of our problems. Deadly ones, like cancer, strokes, and heart attacks. And troubling, though non-deadly ones, ranging from blindness to baldness. We have been able to explore the deepest, darkest areas of the sea.

Study Claims Science Nonprofit Serves as Lobbyist for Food Industry

Reading Time: 5 minutesThis is how the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) describes itself on its website: ILSI is a nonprofit, worldwide organization whose mission is to provide science that improves human health and well-being and safeguards the environment. Scientific Integrity is essential to developing sound science that benefits society.

Facing Human Extinction, Activist Wants to ‘Go Down Swinging’

Reading Time: 18 minutesAs Democratic leaders offer their “Green New Deal” modeled on FDR’s “New Deal,” veteran environmental leader Randy Hayes has drafted the “New Green Deal,” a to address what he calls “a deep planetary emergency.”

Mueller Is No Match for Trump’s Shamelessness and Indecency

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen President Donald Trump and a letter that did not exist to attack Robert Mueller on Thursday, he could be certain of one thing: The former special counsel was not going to retaliate.

Land Restoration Pioneer Sets a Shining Example

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe greatest conservation tool ever made is grass. That’s how David Bamberger sees it after restoring 5,500 acres of overgrazed, depleted land in Texas back to a rich, biodiverse habitat.Bamberger, a former fried chicken tycoon who cashed in his chips nearly 50 years ago, used his fortune to buy the worst patch of land he could find and heal it.

Why Trade Matters

Reading Time: 24 minutesThe US is in a full-blown “trade war” with China. The possibility of tariffs on goods from Mexico, combined with other trade actions by the Trump administration, could send the entire US economy off the rails. The Federal Reserve is already looking at ways to prevent this disaster in the making.History teaches that global trade matters.

FEC Dealings With Trump Campaign Shows Dysfunction on Both Sides

Reading Time: 3 minutesEven before he officially kicks off his reelection campaign later this month, President Donald Trump has already found plenty of ways to use campaign donations to line his own pockets. But he may want to invest in a campaign finance expert quickly — or at least somebody who can count — or his campaign could soon be slapped with sanctions by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Study Destroys Myth of Uneducated Immigrants

Reading Time: 4 minutesBorder Security! Build the Wall! Halt the Illegal Flow! During  his presidential campaign and since he has been office, Donald Trump has been raising the blood pressure of his base with claims that America faces a massive onslaught of immigrants bringing crime, drugs, disease, and higher levels of poverty to the US.

Powerful Democrat Lives Large on Corporate Cash

Reading Time: 16 minutesAs the new chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) is being showered with campaign contributions — more than a half million dollars in the first quarter of 2019.Journalist David Daley, who lives in Neal’s district, reviewed the fundraising and spending reports in a recent column in the Boston Globe (see link below).

A Reminder of What Is Often Forgotten on Memorial Day

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis Memorial Day marks another year of young Americans serving — and dying — abroad. Regardless of how you feel about the wars they are fighting, or the politicians who got them there, the sacrifice of those who gave life and limb deserve to be remembered.

Kids Turn Up the Heat on Climate Change

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn the midst of European Parliament elections, which conclude today, thousands of young people crowded the square outside the Paris Opera on Friday to urge world leaders to avert climate change. Carrying homemade signs, they chanted: “1, 2, 3 degrees, it’s a crime against humanity.”

The Solution to Democracy Is Less Democracy, Author Says

Reading Time: 16 minutesWe keep trying to reform our political system to make it more “democratic.” Grassroots organizations across the world are pushing reforms, trying to bring politics closer to the people. Parties have turned to primaries and local caucuses to select candidates.

Will ‘None of the Above’ Win the Presidential Election (Again)?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWill President Donald Trump be reelected — by people who do not vote?American presidential candidates who get elected do not necessarily represent the will of the people — because they don&;t generally get the support of the majority of eligible voters.

James Baker’s FBI Redemption Tour

Reading Time: 7 minutesFormer FBI general counsel James Baker said he is “tremendously worried” about Russian attempts to disrupt the 2020 election, adding that “our systems are highly vulnerable” to such interference. Baker argued that the diverse and “not well-connected” 8,800 jurisdictions “that conduct voting every presidential election [are] a lot of attack surface for the bad guys to go after.”

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in America

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhile the number of murders and abductions of indigenous American women has dramatically increased over the past two decades, there does not seem to be a parallel increase in the desire to find out what is behind this alarming phenomenon.In order to provide an intimate look at the Native American victims in this crisis, Al Jazeera, a media network owned by the Qatar government, produced