The Atzmon Defamation League (ADL)

So far, my American tour seems to progress very well. My very experienced tour manager insists that it is actually a breakthrough. In spite of the Zionist and the Anti Zionist Zionists’ (AZZ) relentless campaign against me, I give a talk every night, I give three to five interviews a day (radio and TV), I meet the most wonderful people on this planet, I speak about Jazz, Jewishness and apartheid, and I explore the true meaning of the Jewish State and its lobbies around the world. And yet, my detractors seem to be devastated. My personal Defamation League is clearly outraged by some of my statements — they insist that I am a ‘racist’ and ‘anti Semitic’. They contend that people like me do not have room in the ‘Palestinian solidarity movement’. Is it that they know better who is ‘kosher’ and who is not?

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