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It might be hard to explain, but Palestine is somehow an extraordinary miracle on Earth.

Every person who has stepped on it over the years has been enchanted with its magic and, before he leaves, it takes a part of his heart and gives him in return the right to return whenever his heart desires.

For Gaza, it’s permanently a perfect city, in spite of all these temporary difficulties.

It’s like the sunlight that can’t be hidden.

So it’s hard to feel sad when you could feel the real meanings of living in Gaza.

But somehow, sadness will always find a way to interfere with your life.

 What makes me sad?

There are many tragedies everyday here.

For instance, watching the oppressed people in my community, and you can do nothing about it.

Like cancer that is spreading rapidly here (4,600 victims) and there is no proper medical treatment.

But it breaks my heart completely, seeing a generation of educated young people, their souls are being poisoned, and their dreams are turning to nightmares because of the blockade, like shipwrecked men turning to seawater from uncontrollable thirst.

The longer it takes for them to see the light and to have a respectable life, the more it destroys their abilities.

I’ve known a tragedy of a genius friend of mine, “Mahmoud Abu Gosh,” who was able to take the next leap forward of changing.

After he invented and developed many things in the computer engineering field and his dreams started to come true and he received his first international invitations, Israel deprived him of the right to leave Gaza.

What path will life take him to?

And above and beyond all that, a spoiledforeigner starts  to blame you for being Palestinian, and starts to give adjectives and judgments of you, and his source of information is newsletters of propaganda or a movie from Hollywood.

Myriad reasons are enough to make you upset, sad, or disappointed, but does that means that your soul has been broken?

The greatest gift we have is to bear our pain without breaking.

It’s born from the most human power, Hope.

Hope could make you more powerful that you ever imagined.

So Hope is everything left for us, that one day people will know the truth, and take the right side.