Site Development Workflow: Keep it in Code | Lullabot

Almost a year ago now Development Seed had an article on some of the tools they were developing in order to address a very real, very important problem—that of the whole development to staging to live development process. Up until these tools were available, this process consisted of an archaic—and quite frankly, pain in the butt—method of either duplicating the clicks and changes you made through the Drupal UI in your various environments, or putting all of your changes that needed to be made to the database into update hooks that did very specialized queries, set variables, installed or uninstalled modules etc, etc. This came with a heavy price tag of testing your migration path over and over, resetting your database, and testing again. Oops! Small mistake there... change the code, reset the database, run it again, wash, rinse and repeat. These tools attempt to change all that and now that they're maturing, they've become a godsend for site builders and developers everywhere. Here is the workflow and process we are using at Lullabot and some of the finer points we've picked up along the way.

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