The Truth Will Get You Into Trouble

#039;t let the facts interfere with the truth." class="thumb-image" data-image="" data-image-dimensions="600x449" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" data-image-id="5a184e494192021369c14c8f" data-load="false" data-type="image" src="" /> David Hirsh & The JC: Don't let the facts interfere with the truth. By Gilad Atzmon Perhaps in the goyim’s world, the truth will set you free, but in the Jewish Chronicle’s universe, the truth gets you into trouble. In the ghetto, the truth is at best an obstacle and at worst, a bitter enemy that must be suppressed. today reveals that an inquiry has been launched into the conduct of a truth telling teacher who had the audacity to present historical facts in the “presence of pupils.” Apparently, Ethan Saunders, who teaches history and politics at Jewish Free School, “strongly defended” Ken Livingston’s truthful statements about Zionist collaboration with Nazis. Saunders’ statements came during a book launch for Dr. David Hirsh’s latest book, ‘Contemporary Left Antisemitism.  Hirsh, an anti intellectual academic and a dedicated hasbara mouthpiece, complained to the JC: ‘“There were questions from students and then a teacher stood up at the back and, in a fairly kind of belligerent way, said: ‘I don’t agree with anything you said.’ He said that I hadn’t told the whole story to the students; it was a pretty clear allegation not only that I kind of got it wrong, but that I was speaking in bad faith.” Doing things in bad faith is symptomatic of Hirsh’s conduct as a notorious Zionist disinformation merchant. Many, including , have pointed out his duplicitous inclinations in the past. Mr. Saunders reportedly said: “You (Hirsh) haven’t explained to the students about the Ha’avara Agreement and the real collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists. [...] You haven’t explained that it was Israel who was responsible for nurturing Hamas at the beginning, and Hamas is a creature of Israel’.” The  points at a clear collaboration between Nazi authorities and the Zionist entities. It is also true that Israel, and in particular Ariel Sharon (as the head of IDF's Southern Command), planted the seeds of Islamic resistance in the 1970s. Still, Hirsh whined to the JC that “He [Saunders] strongly defended Livingstone - his defence of Livingstone was that Livingstone was correct.”  Neither Hirsh nor the JC even try to dispute the validity of Saunders’ remarks. Instead they reveal their  anxiety that the  truth may actually set the Jewish students free.  “I’ve no idea what he teaches his students,” Hirsh told the JC, “but I have to tell you that [at this event] what he was clearly trying to teach his students was something which I would worry about. What he was trying to teach them was certainly a cause for concern.” Hirsh, the JC and other Jewish institutions clearly regard facts and proper historical thinking as a lethal threat. Why? If Jews delve into their past in an attempt to understand its historicity, they may well gather that they are  repeating the exact mistakes in the present!    
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Gilad Atzmon

David Hirsh & The JC: Don't let the facts interfere with the truth." data-share-imageurl="" style="position:fixed;top:0px;right:0px;">

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