Why I support Treating Anti Semites as Sex Offenders

By Gilad DershovitzmonJewish media outlets reported yesterday that  . I couldn’t agree more. The time is long overdue for these essential  ‘anti anti’ laws.Here are few of the possible benefits form the proposed legislation:·      Registration – Once on the ‘Antisemite Registry”  - the anti Semite’s neighbours and associates in the work place will be informed in order to allow the .·      Bigots United - Bigots and racists cheer up. Though you may no longer be able to bash, Israel, ‘The Lobby’, the Talmud and the predominance of the Holocaust, you can still celebrate your hatred towards Black, Muslims, gays, Disabled, the ill, the weak, women in general, women in particular,  basically everyone and everything that isn’t chosen. ·      Diversity - Treating Israel’s enemies as sex offenders will bring to an end the continual social exclusion and out-casting of pedophiles and sex criminals in the Kingdom. From now on Britain’s growing community of child molesters will be joined by some of the world’s leading humanists and human right activists. This will no doubt provide an injection of diversity and humanism to the demography of British outlaws.
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Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Dershovitzmon
Jewish media outlets reported yesterday that  

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