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How to Hijack an EU Open Source Strategy Paper - Wikileaks

Open source is an outsider, not part of the establishment. One price it pays for this is not being privy to all the decisions that are made in the field of governmental policy. Too often, established players are involved without any counterbalancing input from the free software side. Generally, we don't see all the machinations and deals that go on here behind closed doors.

European Commission OSS Strategy Draft, Mar 2009 - Wikileaks

It has been leaked as it is important to have the public know how actual policy making is being influenced by lobbies that are precisely under the legal scrutiny of the European Commission. The urgency of the publication of this document is real in the sense that outside pressure would foce the Commission to "clean the committees" or at least give a lesser credit to the work of this workgroup.

INSC: Home Page

The International Nuclear Safety Center (INSC), which operates under the guidance of the Director of International Nuclear Safety and Cooperation (NN-30) in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has the mission of improving nuclear power reactor safety worldwide. The INSC is dedicated to the goals of developing enhanced nuclear safety technology and promoting the open exchange of nuclear safety information among nations. The INSC sponsors scientific research activities as collaborations between the U.S.

SPOOKYWEATHER: Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness - US Army Training Video

STILL TODAY the vast majority of servicemen and women in the U.S. military, and likely in the armed forces of other countries which are developing or have obtained depleted uranium munitions, are unaware of the use and dangers of depleted uranium munitions, or of the protective clothing and procedures which can minimize or prevent serious short-term exposures.

Should AIPAC Decide What's Classified? - by Grant F. Smith -

AIPAC could have found no better friend than Leonard to gently advise the jury to "move along, there's nothing to see here." If that occurs, America may witness the final stage in AIPAC's long-term drive to essentially declassify or classify U.S. government secrets at will – a potentially dangerous threat to the rule of law in America. If this seems a bit over-the-top, consider two prior incidents.

YouTube - Political Cartoonist Fired

Former New Zealand Herald Political cartoonist Malcolm Evans was awarded the Qantas Media Awards 2003 Cartoonist of the Year. His Palestinian-related work caused controversy and resulted in him leaving the Herald. In this short film, Evans presents something of the cartoonists craft - and showcases his art along with many of the cartoons about Zionism that the New Zealand Herald refused to publish.

White House says world can t delay on Iran

WASHINGTON -- The White House says the international community must work together to urgently address Iran s uranium enrichment activities. Press secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday that point is underscored by a United Nations report that said Tehran had amassed enough uranium to make an atom bomb. He said the report by the U.N. s International Atomic Energy Agency represented another lost opportunity for Iran as it continues to renege on its international obligations. Gibbs called Iran an urgent problem that has to be addressed without delay.

Press TV - Israeli tanks enter Gaza City

Israeli tanks backed by helicopters have crossed the border with the Gaza Strip, triggering clashes in Gaza City. Witnesses told AFP that the military forces entered Gaza City early Thursday with Palestinian fighters exchanging fire with them. The military forces however left the strip after the fighters fired antitank rockets at them.

Dissident Voice : What Does Holocaust Denial Really Mean?

In April 2007 the European Union agreed to set jail sentences up to three years for those who deny or trivialize the Holocaust.1 More recently, in response to the remarks of Bishop Richard Williamson, the Pope has proclaimed that Holocaust denial is “intolerable and altogether unacceptable.”

September 11th, 2008–America’s Economic 9/11?

First, that the potentially-apocalyptic events leading up to the bailout of America%u2019s banks are not %u201Ctalked about%u201D, something to remember when President Obama or his monetary magicians are promising %u201Cthis and that%u201D with regards to curing America%u2019s economic ills. By the very words of Rep. Paul %u201CVallachi%u201D Kanjorski, a %u201Ccode of silence%u201D exists amongst the %u2018made members%u2019 of the political and financial elite preventing them from telling the truth, the whole truth and nothin%u2019 but the truth, so help them %u2018G-d%u2019.

Chavez says foes trying to spur 'religious war'

CARACAS, Venezuela %u2013 President Hugo Chavez accused Venezuela's opposition and privately-owned media on Tuesday of attempting to incite "a religious war" by unjustly accusing his government of fomenting anti-Semitism following an attack on a synagogue. Chavez railed against opposition leaders for suggesting that his harsh criticism of the Israeli government and its military offensive in the Gaza Strip have inspired anti-Semitism, and he challenged them to publicly retract their statements.

YouTube - Markopolos: I gift wrapped and delivered the largest Ponzi scheme in history to the SEC

This morning, the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises is holding a hearing to assess the alleged $50 billion investment fraud engineered by Mr. Bernard L. Madoff. This is the second in a series of hearings that will help to guide the work of the Financial Services Committee and the Capital Markets Subcommittee in the 111th Congress in undertaking the most substantial rewrite of the laws governing the U.S. financial markets since the Great Depression.

Atheo News: New law to give police access to online exchanges

OTTAWA %u2014 The Conservative government is preparing sweeping new eavesdropping legislation that will force Internet service providers to let police tap exchanges on their systems - but will likely reignite fear that Big Brother will be monitoring the private conversations of Canadians.

Melissa Rossi: Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation -- Part 1

Before we tuck the Bush administration into bed and hiss, "Nighty Night, you lying scoundrels," before we go on to lock the door on that heinous era of American history, we do indeed need to probe what happened under their watch. But the event that most concerns me is what happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Oh yeah, that's history, old news, the 9/11 Commission figured it all out, right? Except that members of the 9/11 Commission say it was "set up to fail" and that the investigation was severely hampered.

UK Killed Over 10 Million Indians In Holocaust

Conventional histories have counted only 100,000 Indian soldiers who were slaughtered in savage reprisals, but none have tallied the number of rebels and civilians killed by British forces desperate to impose order, claims Misra. The author says he was surprised to find that the “balance book of history” could not say how many Indians were killed in the aftermath of 1857. This is remarkable, he says, given that in an age of empires, nothing less than the fate of the world hung in the balance.

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

People say if farmers don%u2019t want problems from Monsanto, just don%u2019t buy their GMO seeds. Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days? How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them?

Solar powered spy plane breaks flight record - Telegraph

With solar panels along its 60ft wingspan, the Zephyr promises to revolutionise military intelligence. The unmanned aircraft stores power from the sun in its batteries, allowing it to continue through the night and, potentially, stay in the air for months at a time. Unlike conventional spy planes, which need regular refuelling and so make relatively short flights, it will give commanders an unbroken picture of the battlefield.

Man in court on foot of UK extradition warrant - Ireland, Breaking News -

A 60-year-old man wanted in the UK on a charge of perverting the course of justice during the trial of a number of men in connection with the London bomb attacks has appeared in the High Court this afternoon. Anthony John Hill, orginially from Sheffield, was arrested on Carrig Street in Kells this morning on foot of a warrant issued by the authorities in Britain. It is alleged he sent DVDs entitled "7/7 Ripple Effect" to the jury, the judge and members of the victims' families. The DVDs claimed the attack was an inside job and that the accused men were innocent.

portland imc - 2005.04.11 - ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed...

FYI. Makes sense to me. Particularly when the Mossad cells were watching the "Al-CIAda" cells the whole time from Virginia to the 9-11 day-of when they were filming the towers being hit and collapsing, celebrating all the while. Of course Rabbi Chertoff of the Homeland Security Department now (then, the second in command under Ashcroft at the DOJ) let the Mossad budding filmmakers out of the country, without explanation, without much media coverage.

Spirit of Sixties revived as student protests at links with Israel spread - The Scotsman

A FRESH student sit-in was under way last night as 1960s-style protests appeared to be making a comeback in Scotland's universities. The occupation of Edinburgh University's George Square lecture theatre at noon yesterday is the fourth such protest to be held at a Scottish university in two weeks, as students voice opposition to links with Israel following its bombing of Gaza. ADVERTISEMENT Click Here ! Already, the protests have led to university authorities at Strathclyde agreeing to end a contract with Eden Springs, an Israeli water company.

Anti-Neocons %u2022 View topic - 100% proof! Atta had a double 911 Israeli false flag

In order for these guys to be together in the same place assuming that drinking and driving is not an issue, they would have had to start drinking minimal 2:30 in the afternoon and leave right away for the airport for Atta to get on his flight. To drink for 3 hours it would have to be in the morning not at night. And the bar isn't even open at such a time. Plus it is reported as "last Friday Night." Well later we have Atta and Al-omari seen together in Maine on Sep 10. They Went to two ATMs that night a gas station and a Walmart. Here is a picture of them at an ATM

Alleged Venezuelan synagogue vandals arrested | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

The attack is seen as an outgrowth of anti-Semitic rhetoric by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that grew increasingly strident during Israel's military operation in Gaza. Chavez also accused his political opposition of staging the attack.
"What a coincidence, the gang leader is a metropolitan police officer who for the last four years was the personal bodyguard of the synagogue's rabbi," Chavez said in an interview Sunday with the Venevision TV station, Reuters reported.

Broken arguments : Taxonomy term, Vocabulary ID, Node add form and Node edit |

If you are attempting to display a view which uses taxonomy term arguments in a panel layout, you can bypass the panel term id context issue. 1. Instead adding a term ID context to your panel, add a node ID context. (if you don't choose a context you will get a 'page not found error' and if you choose term ID you will get the ' accessed denied issue') 2. Add your view pane under the 'content' tab as per usual. But don't edit any fields relating to context or arguments. 3. Now edit your actual view. Open the settings for your view argument.

The Other Paper > Front > MEDIA MORSELS: Ganahl debunks global warming

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that everyone had pretty much accepted climate change and moved on, here comes rogue NBC 4 chief meteorologist Jym Ganahl to blow your freaking mind. “Just wait 5 or 10 years, and it will be very obvious. They’ll have egg on their faces,” Ganahl said this week of global warming advocates.

Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic

Having finished Law School in 1982 and joined the Barr association, Nicolas Sarkozy married the niece of Achille Peretti. His best man was Charles Pasqua. As a lawyer, Sarkozy defended the interests of his mentors Corsican friends. He bought a property on the Island of Beauty, in Vico, and went as far as envisaging to make his name more “Corsican” by replacing the “y” by an “i”: Sarkozi.

CO2 Science

... the debate became even more intense, as the close associations of the ups and downs of atmospheric CO2 and temperature that were evident during glacial terminations and inceptions in that record, as well as in subsequent records of even greater length, led many climate alarmists to claim that those observations actually proved that anthropogenic CO2 emissions were responsible for 20th-century global warming.

The Raw Story | California goes broke, halts $3.5 billion in payments

At least, temporarily. Services and payments will resume once state legislators come to an agreement on the budget. "This time, there are real-world consequences," said H.D. Palmer, spokesman for the California Department of Finance, in a report by KCRA in Sacramento. "Because we have not been able to get to a budget agreement, payments aren't going to be made." "This is an issue of fairness," said Assemblyman Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, in the KCRA report. "It hurts hardworking families the most. Refunds, in fact, will stimulate the economy, and taxpayers need their money."

Start of: Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

Publisher's note: I first met Issa Nakhleh more than fifteen years ago while he was still busily researching for his two volume "Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem". I learnt first hand of his personal history, a palestinian, a refugee, a man who had lost everything he had had. His house, his law office, his apartment house in Jerusalem and a banana plantation were, as he describes "usurped by the Zionists and Israeli war criminals ". A man's roots had been cut.

Networking site cashes in on friends - Telegraph

The company, which has struggled to make money from advertising, has been demonstrating the benefits of its new instant polling tool to some of the most influential business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook's global markets director and sister of founder Mark Zuckerberg, 24, said multinational companies had been bowled over by the ability to receive real-time feedback from the site's millions of users.

YouTube - Israel attacked, but by WHO?

Israel declares it will respond with disproportionate force, if attacked by rockets from Gaza, then Israel is attacked by Rockets! Hamas Spokesperson claims on Radio that Israel "Agents" are sending rockets from Gaza at Israel to create an excuse for Israel to attack Gaza. Look at this and use wisdom, WHO benefits from Israel bombarding Gaza again? Not Hamas, not the Palestinians. Find out who you find out who is firing the "Rockets"

How to Kill a Palestinian

This “ideology of annihilation” is by no means a minority opinion in Israel, but represents a mainstream in the Jews of Israel as well as Jews in the West (US). The popular attitude is “if it was right by God to order us to commit genocide during Biblical time, why can’t it be right to commit genocide now. Has God changed his mind?” Indeed Judaic god is a racist genocidal god.

Press TV - Israel denies Gaza access to clean water

Israel has refused to allow a French-made water purification system into Gaza amid a drinking water crisis in the Palestinian strip. The French Foreign Ministry said Friday that Tel Aviv had blocked the entry of a much-needed water purification station into Gaza and had forced its repatriation. Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Eric Chevallier said the move has sparked an outcry in the Elysée, prompting it to summon the Israeli ambassador to Paris to explain why the system was denied access.