Liens aggrégés de avril 2011

Bertrand Blier trouve le cinéma «emmerdant»

Le cinéaste Bertrand Blier, célébré à Hollywood à l’occasion du 15e festival du film français COL-COA, trouve le cinéma contemporain «emmerdant». Invité d’honneur du festival, qui a projeté Buffet froid (1979) et son dernier opus Le bruit des glaçons (2009) devant un public américain aussi respectueux qu’enthousiaste, Bertrand Blier, 72 ans, a confié à l’AFP sa défiance et son désenchantement envers le cinéma contemporain.

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links - Telegraph

C'est ce mec que Sarkozy soutient ???

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters "are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists," but added that the "members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader".

Leading German Meteorology Expert Calls Fighting Climate Change " A Senseless Physical Endeavour"

Thüne then reminds us that the earth’s climate has been proven to correlate with the angle of the sun’s rays striking the earth’s surface and that ’it is as old as the planet itself’, has nothing to do with industrialisation and that the calculated temperature increase of 0.7°C that has taken place since 1860 is a normal earthly process.

Israel%u2019s Bitch Unanimously Votes To Kill Goldstone Report | Revolt of the Plebs

Editor's Note: The resolution passed by unanimous vote! Let me never hear one more God damn person even suggest that Washington is not owned lock, stock and barrel by the Israeli Lobby. Each of these Senators are now complicit in the cover-up of Israel's war crimes during Operation Cast Lead, a massacre that murdered 1400 Palestinians, including 300 children.

A little while back the scumbag anti-piracy organizations like the RIAA and MPAA (Also known as the Music and Film Industry Association of America %u2013 (jokeingly known as the) MAFIAA) ran to the American government whining like they usually do and got ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) involved with taking down websites %u2013 local AND foreign websites, completely overriding the laws and rights of non US / foreign citizens who owned these sites.


It should be obvious from this data that something bad happened or is happening at Tokai, which is much closer to Tokyo. Aside from the initial report of cooling failure on the 13th, there has been no reports at all of conditions at Tokai. Yet the raw data suggests all may not be well at that facility.

Netanyahu Vows More Gaza Raids

Israel says it would not stop short of taking any military action against the Gaza Strip after an Israeli fanfare alleged that firing of projectiles came 'from the coastal sliver's direction.' Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been reported saying by Reuters: “We will not shy away from taking all the necessary action, offensive and defensive, to protect our country and to protect our citizens."

Cast Lead 2 ?!

Solar Funnel Cooker - Solar Cooking

A few years ago, I (Steven Jones) woke up to the fact that half of the world's peoples must burn wood or dried dung in order to cook their food. It came as quite a shock to me, especially as I learned of the illnesses caused by breathing smoke day in and day out, and the environmental impacts of deforestation -not to mention the time spent by people (mostly women) gathering sticks and dung to cook their food. And yet, many of these billions of people live near the equator, where sunshine is abundant and free. Ergo...

Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin Is Judge in Explosive 9/11 Case against Bush Officials

Argument followed but Walker, and fellow judges Cabranes and Winter, seemed more interested in making sure that Veale was properly licensed to practice before the court than the stark legal issues presented by the appeal. The appeal is from a ruling by then District Court Judge, now 2nd Circuit Court Judge, Denny Chin, dismissing Ms. Gallop%u2019s lawsuit with prejudice, writing that the allegations contained there are %u201Cimplausible%u201D and the product of %u201Ccynical delusion and fantasy.%u201D

US Officials Confirm Israeli Attack in Sudan -- News from

US officials that the attack against a convoy of trucks in Sudan was in fact carried out by Israeli warplanes. The attack destroyed the entire convoy, .