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Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude | Veterans Today

Events quickly unraveled. On March 31, 1939, Poland received a blank check(19) from England, which unilaterally offered to guarantee her sovereignty; not only if Germany invaded Poland, but also if Poland invaded Germany! This merely served to stiffen Polish resistance to Hitler’s genuine desire to achieve a permanent solution of all outstanding issues emanating from the Treaty of Versailles.

Canadian radio stations streaming live on the internet - Canadian Web Radio

Welcome to, an internet radio directory listing over 600 radio stations from across Canada streaming live on the internet. Super nice and usefull !


So, I thought it might be appropriate to list some of the many other times in history that religious fanatics of all kinds have decided the world was about to end, what they did about it, and what really happened to those who followed them when the world did not end as scheduled.
belle job. j'aimerais avoir du temps pour traduire.


TABLOID ON THE HOOF: HERMAN CAIN AND BILL CLINTON AND AN IMMODEST PROPOSAL by Jon Rappoport November 10, 2011 In framing a piece like this, the question is: how utterly, deeply, morbidly, cravenly cynical do you want to be? I scaled up and down that rock, and this is where I finally put my drill in. This morning.

Laptop Wifi NAT Howto - Herman Oosthuysen, GPL, 2010

This is a simple NAT script that allows you to connect a laptop machine to a WiFi network and then hook a desktop machine to the ethernet port of the laptop machine.
#! /bin/bash echo Configure a laptop as a wlan0 to eth0 NAT router: echo WAN = wlan0, DHCP echo LAN = eth0,, # Accept all traffic iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT # General new connection rate limiting for DOS and Brute Force protection

Internet/ConnectionSharing - Community Ubuntu Documentation

Mes notes:

I am at a café somewhere, pluged with wifi (wlan0)

  • My friend has a computer without wifi and I want him to surf
  • I have a CROSSOVER cable
apt-get install dhcpd * bound it to my internet port (wlan0) * plug my friend in my eth0 interface (or eth1...) Routing / bridging ================== * bridge will isolate my machine from his but will ISF ask for a wifi connexion ? * routing will hide him behind my machine (the gateway) NAT === wlan0 = the network adapter with internet (external or WAN).

PRESS TV Interview: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on Targeting Iran

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat a columnist at Veterans Today says the world is breaking loose from the %u2018chain of obedience%u2019 that he believes is the source of world problems.

Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms) project |

The 'Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms)' project allows you to create ready-made platforms for the Aegir hosting system. You don't need to edit any files; just download the relevant package and run a single shell command. The packages contain: Scripts These are used in the command line interface (shell) to create your platforms for the Drupal distribution of your choice. The scripts call drush and drush make for you. Kreate platforms! Run! Makefiles

chewearn's blog - Find window ID of a process ID in BASH script

In a BASH script, I launched an application and use %u201C$!%u201D variable to grab it%u2019s process ID. I would like to perform some action on the application%u2019s main window (e.g. move or resize it). However, this requires knowing the application%u2019s window ID. How do I find the application%u2019s window ID, using only it%u2019s process ID as a starting point?

Ethnographies du copyright: captations vidéo

Les journées d'étude 2009 de la Société avaient pour titre "ethnographies du copyright". Ci-dessous, les résumés des communications et leurs captations vidéo (signalées par un * dans la liste qui suit).

MJ Rosenberg: AIPAC's "War With Iran" Bill Passes House Committee

The clearest evidence that war is the intention of the bill's supporters comes in Section 601 which should be quoted in full. (It is so incredible that paraphrasing would invite the charge of distorting through selective quotation.)

A successful Git branching model

While there is nothing really shocking new to this branching model, the “big picture” figure that this post began with has turned out to be tremendously useful in our projects. It forms an elegant mental model that is easy to comprehend and allows team members to develop a shared understanding of the branching and releasing processes.