Liens aggrégés de décembre 2011

unix - iconv unicode unknown input format - Stack Overflow

This guy saved my day!!! The problem was that Windows could not interpret the file as UTF-8 on itself. it reads it as asci and then ä becomes a 2 character interpretation ä (ascii 195 164) trying to convert it, I found a solution that works for me: iconv -f UTF-8 -t WINDOWS-1252//TRANSLIT --output=outfile.csv inputfile.csv now I can view the special chars correctly in editors For SQLServer compability, converting UTF-8 to UTF-16 will work even better ... just the filesize grows quite a bit

Eyewitnesses recount horror stories to refute SCAF version of clampdown - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online

The next speaker was the man who appeared in the widely-circulated video in which he is shown being beaten next to a female activist who is stripped of her clothes, beaten and dragged into the street by soldiers. "I screamed at the soldiers that I'm a journalist and asked them to let me take the girl, who had fallen, to a safe place outside. But they separated us and began beating us both,” said Hassan, a journalist for independent daily El-Badil.

Dieudonné Wants to Kill All White People?

(this guy is a French comedian, already heavily involved in far-right activity and has some racist issues in his past, he is controversial and very blunt, however in his last production he has probably demonstrated how blind hater of any other group can deform your intelligence and sense of humor)
La premiere fois que je vois une telle propagande sur un site en anglais...