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WHEN IS THERE EVER AN ELECTION WHERE THE SAME POLITICAL PARTIES WOULD NEED TO HAVE DIFFERENT PARTY IDS IN DIFFERENT PRECINCTS? The alteration to Shelby County's voting system is especially troubling because it enables precinct-specific political party codes. Let me explain, and I'm sure you will see how inappropriate this is:

Activist Post: Methanol: Byproduct of Aspartame Linked to Autism, Preterm Delivery

One would think that with the extreme and almost omnipresent dangers of aspartame that there would be far less of the substance on the market compared to a decade or two ago. But, with fully sanctioned advertisements telling you just how great products are which contain aspartame, there seems to be no end in sight for this dangerous edible chemistry experiment.

Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention

And it%u2019s looking like he%u2019ll get the states he needs. Earlier this week in Iowa and Minnesota, Ron Paul%u2019s covert, submarine delegate strategy paid off. Iowa has 28 total delegates that it can award, and one of those delegates is the state chairman, a Ron Paul supporter. Paul also picked up 13 delegates from the state%u2019s nomination committee, which decided yesterday to go for Ron Paul. Weeks after the Iowa race was called for Rick Santorum, Paul%u2019s grinding delegate game has paid off, and at the very worst, he will earn half of Iowa%u2019s delegates.

BORDERS TO FRANCE TO BE TEMPORARILY CLOSED | Spain | Leader - News, Sport, Spanish Property, Advertising, Classifieds - Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Calida, Costa de Almeria, Spain

The Interior Ministry has announced that it will close the borders between Spain and France, due to serious fears of public order and domestic security issues, to coincide with the European Central Bank summit in Barcelona. The move temporarily suspends the Schengen Treaty and temporarily restores border controls to France from midnight on Saturday 28th April until midnight on Friday 4th May.
Je n'arrive pas à confirmer cette information sur le web francophone... Et je n'arrive pas à trouver une source sur le web anglophone non plus...

News and events - MICEX-RTS Exchange - Measures taken by MICEX-RTS concerning the outage on the Exchange"s Main Market on April 23, 2012

On April 23, 2012 the Main market sector of the MICEX-RTS Group's Securities market suffered technical problems, i.e. at 5.45pm MSK market data in the order book of market participants ceased to be updated. At 5.56pm MSK the MICEX Stock Exchange General Director announced that trading was to be suspended until 6.56pm MSK in order to contain the situation. At 6.45pm MSK the suspension was extended until 7.35pm MSK and then until 7.55pm MSK.

1er tour;déclaration bizarre de mélenchon, leurre ou pas; frappons les banques///BBK ACTU .mpg

etranges declaration. soutien sans condition a hollande, sans rien demander en echange... emotion et perte de moyen d'un honete homme face a sa deception? alors bravo mélenchon pour cet essai et pour avoir apris a certains telespectateur a remettre en cause la soumission de l'humain face a la finance canibale... ou alors, avoeu de ce que quelques uns nous disaient, melenchon marionette du ps?

Le racisme d’Israël et d’Air France au grand jour (document exclusif)

La jeune Horia A., elle, était autorisée à s’enregistrer normalement, puis à monter à bord de l’avion. Mais quelques minutes avant le décollage, une hôtesse arrive devant le siège de Horia, et lui demande de venir avec elle. S’étant isolée avec la passagère dans un recoin de l’appareil, l’hôtesse lui pose alors une première question , gênée : « Madame, avez-vous un passeport israélien ? » Horia : « Non » L’hôtesse, dans son talkie-walkie de communication avec sa direction au sol : « Elle a dit non » « Et maintenant, êtes-vous de confession israé.. euh… êtes-vous juive ? »

Des vétérans de l’espace contestent le réchauffement climatique

D’autres faits contre d’autres croyances Devant l’absence d’arguments scientifiques des 49 signataires sur la question, il n’est pas superflu de se demander quels sont les intérêts qu’ils défendent. Ainsi, Leighton Steward, qui a publié le communiqué de presse et la lettre à la Nasa, est un directeur de EOG Ressources, l’une des plus grandes compagnies pétrolières des Etats-Unis. Parallèlement, il est le porte-parole de Plants Need CO2, une association qui a pour mission « d’éduquer le public sur les effets positifs de plus de CO2 dans l’atmosphère ».


"Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them." - Protocol 12:4 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion


  THE BETRAYAL OF THE EDUCATED CLASS   by Jon Rappoport April 14, 2012   “That a third of the nation&;s eighth graders can write with proficiency may not sound like much, but it is the best performance by eighth-grade students in any subject tested in the national assessment in the last three years&;”
After images that hold Auschwitz up for derision, we see the shoot of a film centered on an alcoholic and violent character who is disguised as a Nazi officer for a costume party. The Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson appears as himself for a few minutes, the Shoah is personified as a saint.

French gear up for battle over 'The Anti-Semite' | The Times of Israel

F rench “comedian” Dieudonne is a well-established provocateur — a Jew-baiter whose most recent show was called “Mahmoud,” after Iran’s Holocaust-denying president. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the performer’s next movie is titled “L’Antisémite” (The Anti-Semite), and features dialogue such as, “It’s clear the Jews control everything — the media, finance, politics. We no longer have a choice. We must” — here’s the ostensible punchline — “exterminate them.”

Nazis, Nixon, Rockefeller, and Watergate

Nazis, Nixon, Rockefeller, and Watergate by Jon Rappoport April 12, 2012 To learn why Richard Nixon was really blown out of the White House, you could begin with the infamous Nazi chemical/pharmaceutical cartel, IG Farben. The cartel that pushed Hitler over the top into power in Germany.

Activist Post: Iran allegedly identifies and arrests Israeli terrorist cell %u2018preparing to carry out terrorist acts%u2019

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced that they have identified and captured a %u201Cmajor terrorist group%u201D also characterized as %u201Ca large and sophisticated Israeli terror and sabotage network%u201D after months of intelligence gathering. In the recent past there have also been reports of Israeli commandos already operating in Iran, supposedly in an attempt to uncover a smoking gun which would give the West the green light to overtly attack Iran.

Sasson |

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'Israel - not Iran - a nuclear power out of intl control' - YouTube

Israel has branded German poet Günter Grass "persona non grata", amid calls he be stripped of his Nobel Prize. But did Grass really inflame hatred against the Israeli people, or has he fallen victim to the politicization of taste?

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul - Last Nail

Summary: Ron Paul Revolution Great speech by Congressman Ron Paul about the deteriorating state of our once great American Republic. Both parties now support endless foreign wars and aggression, unlimited corporate bailouts, the printing of money and devaluing of our currency by the Federal Reserve and bankrupting entitlement programs. Vote for Ron Paul so we can begin to restore America to the great beacon of hope and freedom it was intended to be.

Netanyahu Ties to Romney :

The relationship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Romney %u2014 nurtured over meals in Boston, New York and Jerusalem, strengthened by a network of mutual friends and heightened by their conservative ideologies %u2014 has resulted in an unusually frank exchange of advice and insights on topics like politics, economics and the Middle East.

Euro-Reconquista - L'affaire Merah vue par Rachel Marsden

Let%u2019s back up a bit. According to those who knew him and have been interviewed thus far, Mohammed Merah was a really nice guy %u2014 smart, polite and well-spoken.

Thirty-two hours of fame: how the strange story of Mohamed Merah does not add up | End the Lie %u2013 Independent News

The lone avenging angel of death aura surrounding Mohamed Merah is beginning to wear thin, even in the French mainstream media. It is extremely doubtful if Merah had anything to do with the tragic murders of the Jewish rabbi, his two children and another small girl, as well as the attacks on the off-duty paratroopers with North African and Caribbean backgrounds. The man who tossed a really big spanner in the works is the retired former director of DCRI (La Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur, the French internal counter-espionage agency).

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway? - YouTube

Dedicated to the long-suffering Palestinians and Iranians who have been sidelined by the United Nations in favour of the Nuclear Apartheid State of Zionist Israel in the most blatant exercise in International Double Standards that our world has ever known.

Merah : "Pourquoi vous me tuez ? Je suis innocent." - Le Point

"Des personnes au coeur de l'événement, et qui voulaient que la vérité éclate, m'ont remis ces vidéos", a ajouté l'avocate. Elle a précisé qu'elle en réservait la "divulgation" à la justice française et a insisté sur leur authenticité. Le ministère de l'Intérieur français n'a fait aucun commentaire. Selon Me Mokhtari, "Merah (Mohamed) a été manipulé et utilisé dans ces opérations par les services français et a ensuite été liquidé pour que la vérité ne voie pas le jour".

FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury

(NaturalNews) It is a common myth today that the vaccines administered to children no longer contain the toxic additive thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative linked to causing permanent neurological damage. But a recent federal case involving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that, contrary to this widely-held belief, thimerosal is actually still present in many batch vaccines, including in the annual influenza vaccine that is now administered to children as young as six months old.