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How Swine Flu Was Invented

How swine flu was invented and used to control the global population What if you started a disease-scare and nobody cared? UPDATED AND EXPANDED June 27, 2012 to include the whole mind-boggling fraud. By Jon Rappoport June 26, 2012

New World Order Blueprint Leaked :

This agreement has been negotiated IN SECRET for 2-1/2 years and no information has ever been released until this leak. So why have the details of this negotiation been so secret? This agreement has been framed as a %u201Cfree trade%u201D agreement and yet out of 26 chapters only two have anything to do with trade. The other 24 chapters grant new corporate privileges and rights, while limiting governments and protective regulations.

Italian Court Reignites MMR Vaccine Debate

Valentino Bocca was given an MMR shot in 2004, at the age of 15 months. According to his parents, the change in his behavior was immediate. That same night he refused to eat, and he developed diarrhea during the night. It quickly went downhill from there. Within days he was no longer able to put a spoon to his mouth, and he spent nights crying in pain. His parents immediately suspected the vaccination, but were told this was "impossible." Valentino progressively regressed, and received the diagnosis of autism a year later.
Merveilleux ! Merci ! Pour m'avoir pointé cette perle. Après avoir foutu Dieudonné dehors, voilà la moralisation de la société Québecoise dans son excellence "de gauche"... Sont bien tristes ces organisation dont le "féminisme" est un principe fondateur... À lire dans sont entièreté.

Threat to Israel is threat to Canada, MacKay tells Israeli military commander - Winnipeg Free Press

Newly released documents say Defence Minister Peter MacKay told Israel's top military commander, Maj.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, during a 2011 visit to the Middle East, that "a threat to Israel is a threat to Canada." The statement came a year after cabinet colleague Peter Kent was upbraided as junior foreign affairs minister for telling a Toronto-based publication that "an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada."

BREAKING: "Private Security Companies" in Syria, Supporting Rebels: Foreign Mercenaries Detained

Sources say at least 200-300 private security company employees are captured beside hundreds of foreign military and service personnel during the last 14 months of foreign terror provocation. Among them are Portuguese nationals, who are paratroopers %u2013 and about whom Syria is asking itself how they entered the country. During interrogation they claimed to have retired from army duty, which somehow contradicts in some cases how old they look.

Media Adviser to Syrian President Confirms Corporate Media Fabricating Events In Country |

This claim, which was long ago confirmed by many in the alternative media, underlines the fact that the corporate media directly lies to its viewers on a daily basis during their military industrial complex funded reporting.

Black Box Voting : (USA) Here is the Accenture software for voter registration

This is an installation kit which contains the software; it also has the installation instructions, and a text file explaining how to set it up on a standalone machine if you aren't on a network. This voter registration and voter history system has been widely criticized -- in Colorado, where it reportedly assigned voters who are Republicans as Democrats, and vice versa, and in Tennessee where it has been proven to lose voter histories.

Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels %u2014 RT

American secret service operatives are distributing illegal assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers and other ammunition to Syrian opposition, the New York Times reports. But due to some rebels’ links to Al Qaeda, the CIA’s task is precarious.

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America - Business Insider

This infographic created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources. That's consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983. NOTE: This infographic is from last year and is missing some key transactions. GE does not own NBC (or Comcast or any media) anymore. So that 6th company is now Comcast. And Time Warner doesn't own AOL, so Huffington Post isn't affiliated with them.

Cloning a Debian system - identical packages and versions

I have long wished for the ability to install a Debian system specifying both the package list and the exact versions of the packages installed. dpkg --get-selections | ssh newhost dpkg --set-selections is useful but always chooses the latest version, and especially when using testing or unstable, it is sometimes necessary to temporarily downgrade a package from the latest version available.

BP Announces that Venezuela Now Have the Largest Oil Reserves in the World

BP has just released its annual Statistical Review of World Energy in which it claims that Venezuela now holds the largest proven oil reserves in the world, overtaking the original leader Saudi Arabia. The South American nation’s oil deposits were increased from last year’s figure to an estimated at 296.5 billion barrels, more than Saudi Arabia’s 265.4 billion barrels.

Possible Deal Between Turkey and Qatar on Military Operation Against Syria

I hope Erdogan doesn't mind going down in history as the idiot that got Russia to kick Turkey's @$$! A Turkish lawmaker has raised questions about a possible deal between the Turkish and Qatari governments on a military operation against Syria, Press TV reports. The remarks came days after Erdogan said he was to ask NATO for a military operation in Syria. Erdogan believes that the prolonged unrest in Syria has to be brought to an end with the intervention of international powers.

US official: Russia sends troops to Syria as peace hopes fade

Russia is sending armed troops to Syria amid escalating violence there, United States military officials told NBC News Friday, in a move certain to frustrate Western efforts to put pressure on the regime of President Bashir Assad. Moscow has sent a ship carrying a small contingent of combat forces to guard Russia’s deep-water port and military base at the Syrian city of Tartus, the US officials said.

White House admits drone campaign against al-Qaeda in Yemen and Somalia for first time

Officials confirmed in the White House's semi-annual report to Congress on the state of US combat operations abroad that "direct action" was being taken against terrorists in the two countries. The report, which described the Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) as "the most active and dangerous affiliate of al-Qaeda today", comes amid fury among Republicans over alleged national security leaks to the media by the Obama White House.

Good Guinness, deliver us! Israel demolishes Arab village 38 times

Palestinian villagers have addressed the Guinness Book of World Records to register a ruinous “record”. A Bedouin village in Israel has been demolished 38 times by Israeli authorities, who say people in the village do not have building permits. ­Al-Araqeeb village with population of 500 residents in the Negev claim their some 40 homes have been destroyed over three dozen times by Israel Land Administration. Residents of the Al-Turi Arab Bedouin tribe insist they are being pushed off their own land.

Drachmageddon? Middle-class poverty. Feral gangs. Neo-Nazis. In Athens they wait for the volcano to explode

‘The problem is that I was not prepared when the economic crisis hit and I do not have enough money in my account,’ wrote the 60-year-old unemployed musician. ‘My credit card is overdrawn, we do not have enough food to feed ourselves. I live a drama with no end. Does anyone have a solution for me? World leaders, you who brought this financial crisis, you all need hanging!’ Perris wrote of his despair in an internet chatroom three weeks ago. Then, one morning, he led his mother on to the roof of their five-storey apartment block. Hand-in-hand, they jumped off.

Russia says no talk on Syria’s post-Assad future

Russia’s foreign minister says Moscow isn’t discussing Syria’s future without President Bashar Assad as Washington has claimed. Sergey Lavrov denied Thursday’s statement by State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland that Moscow and Washington were discussing a post-Assad transition strategy. Lavrov told a news conference Friday that Russia believes it’s up to the Syrians to determine their country’s future and that foreign players shouldn’t meddle in that.

'United States is addicted to war' - YouTube

Obama décore Shimon Perez de la plus haute distinction américaine...
US President Barack Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Israeli President Shimon Peres, the man who has overseen the killing of Palestinian women and children by Israeli forces in the occupied territories for decades. Obama awarded the 88-year-old Israeli president the highest civilian honor in the United States during a dinner ceremony in the White House on Wednesday. He called Peres "the essence of Israel and the symbol of a decades-long alliance between Tel Aviv and Washington".

The Forbidden Story. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

"Dear, it would seem that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is being idiotic again. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had gotten a call from the Coast Guard (USGG) that a large wave is heading here and the entire state is to be evacuated, but I also just read that the Customs and Border Protection asked the border patrol to stop anyone who wishes to leave by request of the Secret Service! Apparently this takes the Secure Border Initiative (SBI) and makes it apply to state borders now"

Alain Gresh - Vous avez aimé Claude Guéant ? Vous adorerez Manuel Valls

Une dernière question : Manuel Valls est aussi signataire d’un appelant à poursuivre les militants qui prônent le boycott des produits israéliens. Parmi eux, Stéphane Hessel ou Alima Boumediene. Que fera le ministre de l’intérieur, alors que plusieurs de ces militants ont été relaxés par la justice, mais que certains restent poursuivis ?

Another smoking gun: the FDA vs. the American people

Another smoking gun: the FDA vs. the American people! By Jon Rappoport June 12, 2012 Breaking News: to access all the articles on this FDA Genocide Murder news story.

Syrian forces killing and sexually abusing children, says UN | World news |

Apres la révélation que le massacre de Houla est en fait l'oeuvre des "rebelles" et non pas de Assad, il suffit de changer de mensonge sans informer sur le précédent.
Syrian government forces and militia loyal to the Assad regime are killing and sexually abusing children and using them as human shields, the UN says, amid fears that the conflict is intensifying.

Implosion de l'affaire du massacre de Houla, est-ce que quelqu'un écoute ??

Titre original :

"Implosion of The Houla Massacre Story - Is Anyone Paying Attention? :"

Traduction googlelienne pour les monolingues et aussi et surtout, pour les monolingues aveugles qui croient encore les fables des médias de l'ouest croulant
Par Daniel McAdams Lew Rockwell Blog Monday, 11 Juin, 2012

The sardine apocalypse: Mystery of 200-ton shoal of dead fish that washed up at port, turned the sea red and created a HUGE stink

An entire port town in Japan has been left reeking of dead fish after nearly 200 tons of stinky sardines washed up on its shore. The massive shoal started washing up at the fishing port of Ohara, on Japan's west-facing North Pacific Ocean coast, on June 3 and quickly turned the sea red. Since then the bizarre phenomenon gone has rapidly got out of control.

Supreme Court of Iceland convicts Two Bankers for the Collapse. Another banker yet to be put on Trial.

Don't cha just Love Iceland! If only Greece, Spain and the other European countries would take Iceland's lead and put the Bankers on trial and tell the ECB to "F off" like Iceland did. The Supreme Court of Iceland convicted two bankers this week with regards to the collapse of Iceland. Now - All other countries should be putting the Bankers On Trial for all the Fraud they are committing upon the people of the world. But I won't hold my breath because the bankers actually rule all the governments of the world, except for Iceland.

Judge saves Americans from Obama's NDAA

Thursday marked another victory against the battle on the National Defense Authorization Act. District Judge Katherine Forrest not only sided with the plaintiffs suing the Obama administration, but with every American. Section 1021 of the act, which allows for the military to indefinitely detain Americans at home and abroad without due process has been met with heavy criticism causing the group of individuals to file the lawsuit.

HPV vaccines: Gardasil becomes a market dud in wake of informed backlash

(NaturalNews) On the heels of the Vioxx scandal Merck & Co. has apparently manufactured another marketplace dud with Gardasil. After receiving fast-track approval from the FDA in 2006, Merck's aggressive 'One More Girl' marketing campaign catapulted HPV into the collective consciousness as a serious health issue. Almost overnight, medical consumers went from not knowing HPV existed to fear of infection with the dreaded virus. Presto! HPV pandemonium was born. • Over 70% of the participants in Gardasil clinical trials developed new medical conditions

USS Liberty Casualties (34)

Please be patient while the images of our fallen load. This information was compiled by USS Liberty survivors Jim Ennes and Joe Meadors at If you are not yet familiar with the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty please read the findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry, composed of three Admirals and Generals of the US armed forces and one ambassador, including former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas H. Moorer and Medal of Honor recipient General Raymond G. Davis.

What a coincidence! Breitbart's coroner dead from arsenic poisoning?

The unexpected death of conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart just got a whole lot more mysterious. Only two months after Breitbart’s passing, the coroner that investigated the cause of death may have succumbed to arsenic poisoning.

Nuclear Base Running 'Containment Exercise' After Radiation Spike

This, of course, is virtually impossible as the readings were confirmed by two entirely different locations. BlackCat and the Radiation Network both recorded the levels, meaning that the likelihood both of their systems failed at the exact same time and produced the exact same result would be dismal.

Ron Paul Predicts He Will Have 'As Many As 500' Delegates At The Republican Convention

He may have effectively abandoned his White House ambitions, but Ron Paul is still promising to make good on his promise to carry his quixotic presidential campaign all the way to the Republican National Convention.

Like LinkedIn, eHarmony is hacked; 1.5 million passwords stolen

EHarmony, the popular online dating site, was the target of a password hacking attack that resulted in 1.5 million stolen passwords, most of which have been cracked.

Feds to farmers: Grow GMO beets or face sugar shortage

Despite its instant success, Monsanto’s product hit a few speed bumps in 2010. That year, a federal judge revoked the US Department of Agriculture’s approval for the seed in response to a lawsuit filed by the Center for Food Safety on the basis that the agency violated the law by failing to perform a full environmental impact statement for the seed. This is a critical oversight given the risks of genetic contamination of conventional and organic seeds by the GMO seeds through wind-blown pollen, as well as the current superweed crisis caused by overuse of glyphosate.