Liens aggrégés de février 2019

DÉCATHLON : Hijab et Irhab

Même ceux qui ne font pas partie des gens du livre (Ahl Al Kitab) n'auront aucun mal à traduire ce glissement sémantique ou pathologique du voile de la pudeur (Le Hijab) au voile de la peur (El Irhab). Sans jeu de mots : on assimile le voile de la peur à la peur du voile. C'est de plus en plus lisible sur la toile.

Oh What a Tangled Web… Timely Quotes on Lying

The core issue around which Michael Cohen’s explosive claims revolve is lying. Cohen admits that he lied in the past, but says that he did so at the direction of Donald Trump. In this week’s congressional hearings, the Republican committee members focused on lying, said that Cohen cannot be trusted now because he had lied before, and implied that they themselves would never lie.

The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks – #PropagandaWatch

So how does the CIA recruit psychologists for its operations? And what does it do with them? Today on we listen in as James Evan Pilato of breaks down the CIA's latest recruitment campaign.

Can Cohen Bring Down Trump Or Is This Just Another Distraction?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the testimony given by Michael Cohen regarding his relationship as a fixer for Donald Trump. Can Cohen Bring Trump Down Or Is This Just Another Distraction?

How and Why the FBI Rewrite Hollywood Movies

Just like other government agencies the FBI are deeply involved in the entertainment industry, collaborating with film andTV producers to polish the Bureau’s public imageand project their messaging into the minds of moviegoers.

Benjamin Netanyahu fait alliance avec les racialistes d'Otzma Yehudit

Alors que le général Benny Gantz est donné favori aux élections législatives israéliennes, le Premier ministre sortant, Benjamin Netanyahu, a fait alliance avec les racialistes d'Otzma Yehudit pour tenter de se maintenir. Le général Benjamin (« Benny ») Gantz a créé une alliance avec deux autres anciens chefs d'état-major et le centriste Yaïr Lapid. Les sondages pronostiquent qu'ils pourraient battre le Likoud de Benjamin Netanyahu. Otzma Yehudit est l'héritière de l'organisation terroriste états-unienne (...)

Newsbud Exclusive: Guilty Until Proven Guilty

“We concluded that his integrity, judicial temperament, and professional competence met the highest standards for appointment to the court…Our rating of unanimously well-qualified reflects the consensus of his peers who have knowledge of his professional qualifications (Walsh, 2018).” That’s what Paul T. Moxley, the chair of the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee said when he [&;]

Michael Cohen’s Murky Backstory Warrants More Scrutiny

This week, it’s wall-to-wall Michael Cohen on Capitol Hill. Cohen, testifying both behind closed doors and in public to not one, not two, but three committees, is revealing new things, some extraordinarily newsworthy, explosive, consequential, even profound. Notwithstanding that, there is no indication that Donald Trump’s former “enforcer” is telling all.

L'UE et la Ligue arabe contre le « deal du siècle » US

La déclaration finale du sommet de Sharm-el-Sheikh, réunissant l'Union européenne et la Ligue arabe les 24 et 25 février 2019, s'oppose clairement au « deal du siècle » du président états-unien Donald Trump . Considérant que le conflit israélo-arabe s'éternise et qu'aucune des parties ne l'a résolu, la Maison-Blanche a tenté une approche pragmatique ne tenant pas compte du Droit international, mais de la réalité sur le terrain. L'envoyé spécial du président Trump, son gendre Jared Kuschner, a élaboré un plan (...)

Trump Administration To Keep Troops Inside Syria

The U.S. military will leave roughly two hundred U.S. troops inside Syria, the White House announced on Thursday. The Pentagon is classifying these troops, who are occupying sovereign Syrian territory, as a “peacekeeping force.” This decision to keep troops in Syria comes on the heels of scathing criticism from both major U.S. political parties and [&;]

BREXIT UPDATE 8: Guest Post by Deborah Maccoby

BREXIT UPDATE 8: SWIMMING ROUND IN CIRCLES Today, in yet another “Groundhog Day” statement to the House of Commons, the Maybot, making use of the Alice-in-Wonderland logic that we have come to expect from her, set out her March Hare timetable: 1) On March 12, she will present a revised version of her deal to Parliament for debate and vote. 2)  If the deal is again voted down, Parliament will vote on March 13 on the question of whether or not it wants to leave the EU on March 29 with No Deal.

Why Is The Deep State Tweeting About Black Panther At The Oscars?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the odd tweets coming from intelligence regarding Black Panther during the Oscars. Why Is The Deep State Tweeting About Black Panther At The Oscars?

Did the FDA Ignite the Opioid Epidemic?

A World Without Clouds (Chris)

From : “A state-of-the-art supercomputer simulation indicates that a feedback loop between global warming and cloud loss can push earth’s climate past a disastrous tipping point in as little as a century.”

Giant ‘Flying Bulldog’ Bee Not Extinct After All (Russ)

Le mot de passe

Il m'a dit : choisis... c'est toujours toi qui choisis entre te contenter de vivre ou te vouloir libre. Choisis entre la pulsion de mort et la pulsion de vie. - Je n'ai pas bien compris, si tant est qu'il y avait quelque chose à comprendre...  

That “Labour antisemitism crisis” in numbers…

Glyn Secker, secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour, and Dr Alan Maddison, a solidarity member, have been crunching the data, recently released by General Secretary Jennie Formby, of allegations of antisemitism made against Labour members

Interview 1423 – Vinnie Caggiano on Beatles Conspiracies

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Vinnie Caggiano (aka Vincognito) joins us to discuss everyone's favourite subjects: The Beatles and conspiracy theories. From the wacky to the laughable to the thought-provoking, join us for this surprisingly thorough dissection of conspiracy lore surrounding The Beatles and their place in the manufactured mass media universe.

The Rockefeller/Chase-Coordinated US Hostage Crisis In Iran

History tends to be written by the victors, yet their narrative preferences need not monopolize knowledge about events past &; present.  Especially if their versions are purposefully, tactically false, misleading or limited in depth, scope or context.  The more politically sensitive historical events tend to be, the more the likelihood that their “official” historical accounts [&

The Sexual Assault Crisis Facing Native American Women

When she was a senior in high school, Kerry Hawk Lessard invited some friends to her home, like many seniors do. They drank all night. Before everyone left, one of the men unlocked the back door and taped the lock open. Later that night he returned and sexually assaulted her. She was 19 years old. Lessard, a member of the Shawnee tribe, grew up in an urban Native community in Baltimore, MD. Her attacker was non-native. She didn’t call the police. She didn’t call the next time she was assaulted either.