Liens aggrégés de janvier 2020

Trump Escapes Ukraine Saga Unscathed, Ukraine Does Not

Reading Time: 5 minutesKiev, UKRAINE – On Thursday night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew the 5,000 miles (via a stop in London) from Washington, DC, to Kiev to reassure the Ukrainian people. 

What The MSM And Independent Media Won’t Tell You About This Chinese Virus

You&;re either going to love or hate this video.

Presidents Don’t Have to Commit a Crime to Break the Law

Reading Time: 5 minutesDonald Trump’s lawyers keep insisting that the president did not commit a crime. This may even be true in a narrow and fundamentally irrelevant sense. But to say the president did not “commit a crime” is not the same as saying the president broke no law.

A New US Air Force Video Game Lets You Drone Bomb Iraqis and Afghans

The United States Air Force has a new recruitment tool: a realistic drone operator video game you can play on its. Called the Airman Challenge, it features 16 missions to complete, interspersed with facts and recruitment information about how to become a drone operator yourself.

China Accused of ‘Burning Bodies in Secret’ to Hide Number of Coronavirus Deaths

Almost 2,000 new cases of  were confirmed in China on Thursday, lifting the country&;s total to approximately 9,692, surpassing all of the 2002-03 SARS epidemic in a matter of weeks. All of the deaths have been in China, now at 213.

I just read the Trump administration’s “Vision” for Palestine….

Its essence is that the Palestinian people are retarded, but the US and Israel are prepared to usher them into Civilization.  The only caveats are:

Interview 1512 – Derrick Broze on Opting Out of Technocracy

[audio mp3=""][/audio]We all know the existential threat that technocracy poses to the human species. So what's the solution to this problem? Joining us today to discuss this issue is Derrick Broze of who has just published How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State.

Why Is Everybody So Damn Angry?

Reading Time: 21 minutesBack in 2014, Martin Gurri, an unknown global media analyst for the CIA, wrote a book called The Revolt of the Public. It was published by a small press with very little fanfare. In his book, Gurri argues that the digital revolution would, by transforming the information space, enable the public to participate more and more in politics.

« Bonjour je suis journaliste » et je cherche des témoignages contre la grève – Par Pauline Perrenot

Source : , 28-01-2020
Comme ce fut le cas lors de précédentes mobilisations sociales, les récentes grèves ont vu se multiplier, sur Twitter, les « appels à témoins » de journalistes en quête d’usagers en détresse. Un procédé qui renouvelle le principe de micro-trottoir à charge contre les grévistes.

Trump’s Chilling Effect on Whistleblowers

Reading Time: 3 minutesWith the attention in Congress focused on the Senate impeachment trial, it is not surprising that a on whistleblower protections — which is direct

No One Is Above The Law? Hillary Clinton Refuses To Be Served Tulsi Gabbard Lawsuit

Hillary Clinton has ducked a process server trying to serve her with Tulsi Gabbard&;s  on two occasions, according to Gabbard&;s attorney, Brian Dunn

Interview 1511 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: Coronavirus fear porn infects the masses as medical martial law meme goes viral; Bayer prepares to settle its Roundup suits; and French firefighters set themselves alight in clash with police.

Like a Fox — How a TV Channel Is Tearing America Apart

Reading Time: 7 minutesIt is amazing that more than half of all Americans believe that President Donald Trump is exerting , that more than 75 percent

La Lituanie imite la Pologne et propose sa loi controversée sur la Shoah – Par Haïm Goël

Source : , 15-01-2019 Le gouvernement prépare un projet de loi qui stipule que ni la Lituanie ni ses dirigeants n’ont participé au génocide ; les survivants et les historiens affirment le contraire.

[Breaking News] Prosecutor Shokin files a complaint against Joe Biden for interference in Ukraine’s legal proceedings

Today we present you this exclusive document: the complaint of former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin against Joe Biden for interference in the legal proceedings of Ukraine &; which incidentally cites our UkraineGate investigation &; ==============================================

Police vs. Firefighters in Paris Battle Royale! Is This Really a New Peace Plan??

Things have gotten so bad in Paris that firemen are now fighting the police! After seeing stuff like this, you&;ve got to wonder about the stability of France.

Interview 1510 – Larken and Amanda Rose Shine Candles In The Dark

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Today James' identical twin brother Statist Jim talks to Larken and Amanda Rose about Candles In The Dark, the two day workshop they'll be running at Anarchapulco 2020 to help voluntaryists become more effective communicators of anarchist ideas.

Students Expose Plot to Cast Doubt on Climate Change

Reading Time: 7 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageIn 2019, the year youth around the world stepped out of the classroom and onto the streets to demand climate action, four students stayed at their desks.