The debate cut just On Romney grin

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The guy was asked why they did not show Ron Paul on their dodge/answer chart. He asked that it was because Ron Paul was "well ABOVE the line", meaning that people support for Ron Paul was just overwelming their own expectations. Another time... Then the guy was asked (under twitter presure, thanks to Ron Paul supporters) to show the full results. Some captures from the moment ;-) capture_du_2012-01-16_230624.png capture_du_2012-01-16_231834.png capture_du_2012-01-16_231905.png capture_du_2012-01-16_231928.png capture_du_2012-01-16_231955.png capture_du_2012-01-16_232001.png capture_du_2012-01-16_232043.png

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