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JULY 3, 2011. Basically, the mechanical structure of the Matrix is derived from the concept that:


Everything is connected to everything.


This notion is increasingly hailed as a positive marvel. For example, in quantum entanglement, pared particles, even at great distances from each other, both react to an impact on either particle.


Everything/connected” produces a sensation of Weave&All Inclusiveness.


It’s ultimately designed for long-term rental. The occupant is there, and there he will stay.


Feeling this Oneness is Matrix religion, and it is meant to instill a sense of the sacred. Holy, holy. The mind completes the equation: sacred=forever. It’s a ruse. “Sacred” is no more forever than listening to a Bach concerto is forever. It’s one thing to bathe in a majestic feeling. It’s quite another thing to infer it means eternal occupancy.


There are many people ready to shake your hand and embrace you and welcome you into the labyrinth, the weave, the connection of everything to everything.


People aspire to be wired into the “everything/connected” apparatus as their highest ambition—which is their primary substitute forimagination.


That they don’t realize this doesn’t make it any less true.


I’m one atom in an infinity of atoms all connected throughout the universe, and this is what I want to feel. This is illumination and enlightenment. This is the grand essence, the final stop on the train ride.”


Well, let me put it to you in this way. Let’s say you’re an actor. You work in a repertory theater that stages 100000000000000000 plays. In each play, you have a role, a different role. You’re “connected” to each one of those roles. BUT YOU’RE AN ACTOR. That means you can inhabit a role and then take it off like a coat. It doesn’t mean you’re forever chained up to every role you play.


However, this distinction is lost on most people.


The idea of everything/connected is quite old. You can find it enunciated in ancient Egypt and China, and traces of it exist in Aristotle. It’s often arranged as a hierarchy. The “great chain of being.”


So are we talking about an architecture of the universe or a notion in the mind?




Think of everything/connected as a style of building among various possible styles.


And religion is its goal—the inducement of religious awe. That is the stage play.


People join the “everything/connected” church of the universe. They want to be in that congregation singing a song, melting down into butter.


Oh, look. There at the altar is a priest. He’s delivering a sermon. Let’s listen in:


If you know that everything is connected to everything, could you possibly kill a whale? Of course not.”


Remember two things, though. One, you don’t need to embrace everything-is-everything to know you don’t want to kill a whale.


And two, the priest, as he’s delivering his sermon, is thinking to himself: “If I want to kill a whale, I damn well will.”


You see, when you really unpack the “everything is everything” wow, it’s not as sensational as it first seemed.. Any more than, say, the fact that every national newscast covers the same stories from the same point of view.


I can’t believe it. ABC just did a piece on the Supreme Court, and now CBS is highlighting it, too. Let’s light a candle and kneel.”


Everything/connected” is supposed to signal that the universe is conscious, and to boil the argument down, since universe is also so much larger than a human being walking around on a street in a city on planet Earth, he is obligated to defer to universe.


He is programmed from a young age to defer. He learns how politically incorrect it is to reject this church.






Jon Rappoport