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Submitted by Marc Angles on
As we become more comfortable with sharing ourselves on the %u2018social web,%u2019 we%u2019re revealing a lot of valuable information about our interests, preferences and social connections, and it%u2019s strewn across the web in many different 3rd party silos. One slice of me may be at home on Facebook, another segment of relationships and topics I follow are on Twitter, my online buying habits are known by Amazon and eBay, and a range of companies unknown to me are tracking the %u2018digital exhaust%u2019 I leave as I visit websites and travel around the web. There is a growing recognition of the value of all this data to assist us in decision-making, and a concern about who owns it currrently and what%u2019s being done with it. According to a recent W3C report, there are at least 4 main issues that arise when our data is trapped in 3rd party walled gardens: