2018 election

Can Millennial Candidates Fuel a Democratic Wave in November?

Virginia Democrats suffered a crushing defeat in November 2016. Just one year later they were celebrating a rousing victory. What changed in Virginia? And does this turnaround hold lessons for Democrats — and Republicans — across the country?Amanda Litman, who served as Hillary Clinton’s email director in 2016, was devastated by the campaign’s failure. But in the ashes of defeat she saw a glimmer of opportunity.

The Democrats’ Danger of Outrage Overload

On issue after issue, Americans reject the policies of President Donald Trump and his GOP cohorts in Congress. However, thanks to the Electoral College, shrewdly gerrymandered congressional districts, a distribution of Senate seats that favors small states that often elect Republicans, and deep-pocketed conservatives, the US has become a country in which what the majority wants has become irrelevant.