Finally, Help Arrives to Streamline Chaotic Voting Rights Restoration Process

Willie Mack found out by accident that he could register to vote. He had been filing a change-of-address form at the local department of public safety when, to his surprise, the agent helping him asked if he wanted to register to vote. Given his record of past criminal convictions, Mack asked if he could. The woman helping him confirmed, so Mack filed the paperwork.

The Truth About The Alabama Senate Seat And Zero Hour On Net Neutrality

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Doug Jones winning the Senate seat in Alabama, over the Steve Bannon and Donald Trump supported Roy Moore. We also go over the Net Neutrality repeal by the FCC and new revelations in the Russia probe investigation by the FBI, plus a lot more important news that you need to hear.

Voter Suppression Will Play Crucial Role in Alabama Senate Race

I still remember what I thought when I found out two years ago that Alabama planned to shut down 31 DMV offices, and that the closures would primarily affect counties with large minority populations: “Why would anybody need to suppress the vote in Alabama?” Now I know. Heading into Tuesday’s special Senate election, the race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is still too close to call. It is conceivable that a few thousands votes will make the difference when all the ballots have been counted.

Sex Scandal Confirms Targeted Voter Suppression in Alabama

Putting problematic politicians under a microscope for one thing can turn up entirely different wrongdoing, as disgraced former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently learned.

Elderly Disabled Veteran Sentenced to Die in Prison for Medical Marijuana

On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal in the case of Lee Carroll Brooker, an elderly veteran who is now serving a mandatory life sentence for growing his own medical marijuana.