Anonymous Claims Success in ISIS Hack Attack

The hacker collective Anonymous announced Tuesday morning that it has brought down thousands of Twitter accounts associated with ISIS.Following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, Anonymous and said it would launch its biggest operation ever against the Islamic State.

Cult Movie Inspires Global Protest Against Internet Censorship

Here’s something sure to raise “hackles” in corporate boardrooms everywhere: The hacker collective Anonymous is marching in cities around the world today in the name of a free Internet.The coincide with Guy Fawkes Day, an English holiday that animates the plot of the popular anti-tyranny movie V for Vendetta.

Awakened Masks

These masks are artwork the from an independent artist located in Ohio. He started making these masks for local Cincinnati Activists and it grew from there. Now major Activists and Journalists all across the country wear these masks.

Irony, bro

Snooping around the fake Left I came across a predictable reaction to some Tim Shorrock critical of a privacy activist who doubles as a Pentagon contractor’s call for the personal information of 4 million Americans to be posted online:imagePosted by a confused, uninformed Pokemon there is nothing

Whonix - Anonymous Operating System

Whonix is an operating system focused on anonymity, privacy and security. It's based on the Tor anonymity network[1], Debian GNU/Linux[2] and security by isolation. DNS leaks are impossible, and not even malware with root privileges can find out the user's real IP.

UK: Anonymous march on BBC’s ‘paedo palace’ HQ

Several dozen Anonymous protesters marched to the BBC headquarters in London, Tuesday to demonstrate against what they allege to be the institution&;s bias and its alleged protection of paedophiles.

Tor: Neoliberal Tool of Corporate America

image I kept thinking about how Tor pimps always cite people living in repressive countries as the reason we need the anonymity tool. Finally it occurred to me - they aren&;t worried about a political dissident in China being able to use the internet without fear. They are worried about a billion potential corporate customers being blocked by a government.

Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau

Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau is part of Telecomix. This wiki is used for discussing technology and philosophy. This wiki is also essentially the technical twin to the political WeRebuild.EU wiki. Both share the same fundamental goal: To defend and increase information freedom.