Arpaio Pardon Is Trump’s Latest Attempt to Obstruct Justice

On its surface, President Donald Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio is many things: a slap in the face of Hispanics and an affront to the rule of law as well as a nod to Trump’s alt-right base and, of course, a gift to a man who was supposed to enforce the law who instead decided to openly break it. In reality, however, it is about much more than that. The main beneficiary here is not the man who got pardoned. After all, it was not likely that Arpaio would have ever gone to jail over his contempt of court charge. No, as with so many things Trump does, this pardon primarily helps himself.

U.S Secret Government Operation Exposed In L.A

In this video tells you about the breaking news of the mysterious light that many people saw in California and confused as a possible UFO or alien. We talk about this secret government operation that was done without warning and the implications of this being done in plain sight of everyone to see.

State Senator Suggests Making Church Attendance Mandatory

An Arizona state senator said during a recent debate on gun legislation that America is facing “moral erosion” and the only thing that could really fix it is if church attendance was made mandatory.