Turkish Colonel Exposes it All- From Syria War to Plans for New ISIS Terror Attacks in EU

Colonel Osman Basibuyuk puts it all out - from the real reasons, interests and actors behind the Syria war, to highly-probable ISIS False-Flag suicide attacks in Europe that are being concocted by “certain” nations’ intelligence operations to drag the United States back into Syria. Who? What? How and Why? You’ll find out in this program. [&;]

BREAKING- What Happened in the Putin-Erdogan Meeting Today!

Delving into the latest Erdogan-Putin meeting in Sochi Russia, and talking about the “real” status of Turkey’s Syria Op and what will be coming up on the Syria front! The full Exclusive analysis on all this is now available at Newsbud to my community members. If you haven’t already, join us by subscribing and tune [&;]

Deep State Targets Trump’s Syria Exit & Turkey by Letting Loose ISIS Prisoners

What is the “Deep-State” planning, and doing, with thousands of the most hard-core ISIS prisoners in Syria being let loose? Let’s find out! The Lone Gladio Paperback The Lone Gladio e-Book Classified Woman Paperback Classified Woman e-Book


In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the madness happening globally right now. Strikes have been launched. You can watch this video on DTube .

Cries From Syria, a Scorching Documentary

The ongoing carnage in Syria is impossible to ignore for anyone who makes the least effort to keep up with world news. Yet it is hard to react with sustained outrage to an ongoing tragedy so remote. Or perhaps it is simply too painful for us to contemplate — especially if we feel there is nothing we can do about it.But film can bring the reality home like nothing else. Several recently released documentaries warrant high praise for doing just that.

Top Three Lies Used To Promote War In The Middle East

3. The Fake Nayirah Testimony

In 1990, a young girl provided a fake name and testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. She claimed that babies were pulled out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers with the overt intent of murder. This testimony was utilized by George HW Bush to justify joining the Gulf War. Most importantly, no evidence to back up this claim was ever found.

The 5 Best Arguments Against Trump’s Airstrike On Syria

1. War Wasn’t Declared in Congress

President Trump took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America on January 20th, an oath which is a treasured and sacred tradition in U.S. culture. Within months of making that oath, unknowingly or not, he has already violated the Constitution.

Disinformation on Syria: Collection of WhoWhatWhy Exposés

Was Bashar al-Assad behind the recent poisonous gas attacks on his own people in Khan Sheikhoun, a town in the rebel stronghold of Idlib province?Assad claims that on April 4, the Syrian army bombed a rebel-controlled warehouse that contained chemical weapons. The rebels deny it.

Syrian Media: U.S Air Strike On Syria Kills Four Children

Syrian state media has that U.S missile strikes on an air base in Syria has killed nine civilians, including four children as Donald Trump launched the first direct American attack on Bashar Assad&;s regime.

U.S Secret Government Operation Exposed In L.A

In this video tells you about the breaking news of the mysterious light that many people saw in California and confused as a possible UFO or alien. We talk about this secret government operation that was done without warning and the implications of this being done in plain sight of everyone to see.