Bilderberg members run out like cockroaches

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Insane Overblown Security Shows Bilderberg Insecurity

In this video Luke Rudkowski takes you along the ride for his coverage of Bilderberg 2015. You can literally go through the whole day with him and see as everything transpires. Dont forget to follow Luke on SnapChat to watch live: username LukeWeAreChange

How To Sneak Into Bilderberg During Lockdown

In this video Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks of Press For Truth give you a behind the scenes breakdown of how they were able to get into the Bilderberg Hotel when it was on complete lockdown. Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante was also there with us on the ground.

How I Witnessed The Death Of Journalism At The G7 and Bilderberg

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Charlie Skelton a reporter from the Guardian and other online publications about what we experienced at the g7 press center and how it defined the death of journalism.