NFL Films: Saving the world from stupid reality since 1962

The final moments of the New England Patriots first Superbowl win back in 2002 were quite dramatic. The final play of the game, an Adam Vinatieri field goal, decided the outcome. The third to last play of the game may not have been its most dramatic - a short pass from Tom Brady to Tight End Jermaine Wiggins - but it made Vinatieri’s attempt a shorter and higher percentage one.

Brady vs Manning: An honest look at the numbers

imageWinning % (Including Playoffs)Brady 76.5%Manning 67.7%Head to Head WinsBrady 10Manning 5Points Per Start (Including Playoffs)Brady 27.7Manning 27.1This is not an official NFL stat so I had to figure the totals myself. As far as I can tell Brady has the highest Points Per Game in NFL history.