War Machine vs Charlie Wilson’s War – Tom Secker on Around the Empire

Joanne invited me on the Around the Empire podcast to do a 'high level compare and contrast' of two war comedy films set in different wars in Afghanistan: Charlie Wilson's War and War Machine.

Those Dastardly, Duplicitous Arabs!

As Israel braces for border clashes, Palestinian militants call for nonviolent protests

As Israel&;s army geared up for a return to brutal clashes along the Gaza border on Friday, Palestinian militants called on its people to demonstrate peacefully as a return to violence threatened to plunge the region into an all-out war.

Shrewd Analysis of Recent Democratic Party Primary

Hi Norman, I had a long night yesterday. I was at the election night watch party hosted by the Working Families Party with Cynthia, Jumanne & Zephyr. Here are just some takeaways. Writing this in bullet points because my brain is still fried and exhausted.

Swiss Lab Spy Games Support the Theory that Novichok WASN’T Used in Salisbury - Spy Culture

The last 24 hours of the Novichok saga has seen a new twist — European media are widely reporting that two Russian spies were caught attempting to either hack or break into the Spiez laboratory in Switzerland that was e

‘ollywood Propaganda – New edition of Reel Power in French - Spy Culture

Reel Power broke the mould for books covering the role of Hollywood in promoting militarism, war and the political status quo.  It took the Chomsky/Herman propaganda model and adapted it to film and TV, showing how Hollywood&

Barking Yenta Dame Margaret (Hodge) Tells Packed News Conference: “I Obey My … Uh … I mean… Israel’s Leader: I’m leaving for the Philippines.” Guardian (5 September 2018)

Barking Yenta Dame Margaret (Hodge) Tells Packed News Conference: “I Obey My … Uh … I mean… Israel’s Leader: I’m leaving for the Philippines.”  Guardian (5 September 2018)   At a packed news conference, Barking Yenta Margaret Hodge praised Prime Minister Netanyahu’s embrace of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.   She then shocked reporters: “I’m auto-deporting to the Philippines.”  

British Jews in the Labour Party, Speak Up! A Call for Testimonies

Labour Jews, Speak Up! A Call for Testimonies
The misnamed Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) has stated that its goal is the eviction of Jeremy Corbyn from public life.

Norman Finkelstein sur l’assaut meurtrier d’Israël contre les manifestants non-violents à Gaza

Interview de Norman Finkelstein par The Real News, le 11 mai 2018.
Norman Finkelstein affirme que les forces israéliennes ont mené une agression meurtrière contre des manifestants non-violents de la Grande Marche du Retour de Gaza parce que la protestation non-violente menace non pas Israël, mais son occupation.

Maximum Stupidity: The Novichok Extradition - Spy Culture

In a low-key announcement the British government have demanded that Russia extradite two suspects in the Salisbury novichok attack. Media reporting on this latest move in the novichok saga is replete with the same contradictions and absurdities that have plagued this story since day one.