New Jack Ryan Trailer Illustrates Western Hypocrisy Over Arms Trade

The latest trailer for Amazon Prime's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is a perfect illustration of Western double standards and hypocrisy over the global arms trade.  As I predicted in an earlier article, the plotline centres on Venezuela and in all lik

Disney’s Star Wars, the Military and the Worst Hats I’ve Ever Seen

Walt Disney World Resort’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens this week - 14 acres of Star Wars experience for those who want to waste their money on plastic replicas of pod racers, Jar Jar Binks masks and hair dye so they can look like Vice Admiral Gender

Born on the 4th of July – Tom on Fortress on a Hill

In the second part of our discussion (following Combat Obscura), Henri, Keagan and I talked about the 1989 Oliver Stone classic Born on the 4th of July.  Based on the real life experiences of Ron Kovic, we charted the film's development in the late 70s and into the 80


Professor Finkelstein will shortly publish a book designed to force International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to indict Israel. He needs to find suitable photographs to complement the text.  If you&;re skillful at surfing the Web for images and have good aesthetic judgment, he can use your assistance.


On 30 September 2015, Finkelstein accidentally crossed paths with Dershowitz in a Manhattan restaurant. Here&;s an audiotape of their conversation.

Here’s to a jolly-good-fellow who wants to share his music (Letter from a correspondent)

Kind Sir, I am a musician (saxophone) and teacher living in Antwerp, Belgium. I love to listen, study, write and practice music as much as I can. Inspiring others to go out and explore music for themselves feels like a meaningful act, so that is what I do.

Spy Culture in the Washington Business Journal

News about this site appears to be spreading - after the flurry of articles citing Spy Culture around the release of Captain Marvel earlier this year, the Washington Business Journal put out a piece on the Top Gun: Maverick trailer using the production assistance agreement I o

How the Western media support state terror – while millions die

In this guest article Matt Alford - alongside Drs Daniel Broudy, Jeffery Klaehn, Alan MacLeod and Florian Zollmann - lay out their case that news media has systemically downplayed or simply avoided discussing the bloody consequences of Western foreign po

Insightful article on Bernie in the Washington Post

BURLINGTON, Vt. — On Halloween night in 1980, in a dank laundry room of a public-housing project here in his adopted hometown, Bernie Sanders’s friends sat him down for a serious talk about his future. He had none. Not if he kept going as he had for the previous decade. Sanders readily conceded that, having run for Vermont governor, twice, and for U.S. Senate, twice, never winning more than 6 percent of the vote, he risked getting stuck on the fringe, perceived as a joke.

US Military Continue their Degradation of Superman

The new Superman is now a Navy SEAL.  No, you didn't misread that - the affable journalist Clarke Kent is being erased from history in favour of making the world's most famous superhero an advert for naval special forces.  "Superman: Year One" went on sale this week as part of DC'

‘The Army’s Newest Weapon: Death by Cringe’ – US Army Posts Hip Hop Track on Youtube

A week ago the US Army posted a youtube video of the Army Field Band's new hip-hop track 'Won't Be Defeated'.  At the time of writing its likes-dislikes ratio is 625 to 593, and the comments section is littered with mocking and ironic comments.  As a P