UN Security Stops Journalist’s Questions About ClimateGate

A Stanford Professor has used United Nation security officers to silence a journalist asking him %u201Cinconvenient questions%u201D during a press briefing at the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Professor Stephen Schneider%u2019s assistant requested armed UN security officers who held film maker Phelim McAleer, ordered him to stop filming and prevented further questioning after the press conference where the Stanford academic was launching a book.

Young mother refuses deployment to Afghanistan

A female US soldier has been detained for refusing deployment to Afghanistan. Army Specialist Alexis Hutchinson of Oakland, California said she felt her infant child would not receive decent care in her absence so she could not agree to be sent to a war in a foreign country. She was arrested less than two weeks ago at her base in Georgia and her child was taken into care, USA Today reported.

Clashes break out at Greek marches, 200 arrested

Students and adolescents were among the tens of thousands marching across the Greek capital, criticizing capitalism and NATO and calling for the legalization of undocumented migrants. Uniformed soldiers and sailors from the Greek military trade union marched behind a banner which read: %u201CNo soldiers beyond our borders. Dissolve NATO.%u201D The protestors also called for the withdrawal of all US troops from Greece and the dismissal of certain police personnel, calling them traitors, murderers, and torturers.