Laissons de côté l'éthique de conviction pour mieux détricoter l'éthique de responsabilité... deux expressions que l'on doit à Max Weber. Les idées n'ont aucun impact si on oublie les actes.   Au lieu de dénoncer le mouvement migratoire et de l'assimiler à une invasion barbare. La leur ou la nôtre ? Il serait, je crois,  plus judicieux de rappeler les faits et les méfaits à la barre!

That Time When a Foreign Power Was Recruited to Keep a Clinton Out of the White House

History repeats itself, again and again. The idea of a US presidential candidate colluding with a foreign government to gain an edge on a political opponent is nothing new.Just ask former President George H.W.

Top Three Lies Used To Promote War In The Middle East

3. The Fake Nayirah Testimony

In 1990, a young girl provided a fake name and testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. She claimed that babies were pulled out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers with the overt intent of murder. This testimony was utilized by George HW Bush to justify joining the Gulf War. Most importantly, no evidence to back up this claim was ever found.

Donald et Vladimir

Trump n'a rien de Bush. Ce n'est pas une marionnette mais un marionnettiste. Ce n'est pas un politique mais un artiste jusqu'au-boutiste. Poutine n'a rien d'Eltsine. Ce n'est pas un héritier mais un fin limier. Il connaît tous les manèges. C'est un stratège. Les États-Unis pour l'un, les États réunis pour l'autre. Qu'ont-ils en commun ? Sinon la radicalité comme seul et unique bien.

[RECOMMANDÉ] L’Histoire des 28 pages – et leur contenu…

1ère partie de la longue vidéo que nous avons réalisée pour le blog, et qui présente les fameuses 28 pages &; enfin, fameuses aux États-Unis, car en France, vu nos médias&;

Podcast: Russ Baker on Trump, Jeb and More

Radio host Jack Blood, true to his surname, takes no prisoners. In this lively podcast conversation, first aired in August, Blood queries WhoWhatWhy Editor in Chief Russ Baker on a variety of topics, all still very timely. Themes include Donald Trump; what’s wrong with the candidates and the coverage; problems with modern conversation; the importance of thinking and reading outside the box; the narrow mindset of elites; Jeb Bush’s early, assisted enrichment; the Warren Commission; and more. .

Russ Baker interviewed: American Elites and Little Understood Power Configurations

In this podcast from the fall of 2014, Russ Baker talks to radio host Jim Paris. Most of the conversation is about the Bush family (including the family’s early years and its plans for the very long term), an endless source of surprises, and Jeb’s campaign, Skull and Bones and the role such elite groups play, but also about:• the oddly close relationship between the Bushes and Clintons • the Bushes and the Saudis • oddities and anomalies about the deaths of JFK and Bin Laden

L’enfer de Lance

Beaucoup connaissent désormais notre maxime : Il n’y a pas d’innocents, soit on sauve personne, soit on sauve tout le monde. Il semblerait que Stephen Frears, le réalisateur de The program ne la partage pas. Ainsi, il profite du grand écran pour déshonorer un homme ayant pourtant déjà fait son mea culpa, et pour cracher, avec indécence, sur l’un des sports les plus populaires en France : le cyclisme.

The Rise of the Inhumanes

A new species have risen from the poisonous American environment of arrogance, hubris & paranoia America’s descent into totalitarian violence is accelerating. Like the Bush regime, the Obama regime has a penchant for rewarding Justice (sic) Department officials who trample all over the US Constitution. Last year America’s First Black President nominated David Barron to be a judge on the First US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.

WhoWhatWhy Media Extras: Russ Baker’s Jeb Bush Analysis

Jeb Bush finally declared his candidacy for president after raising millions of dollars through legally questionable measures. Photo credit: Gage Skimore / Wikimedia Foundation

Undemocratic Primary: The Backroom Deal is Back

Jeb Bush isn’t technically a candidate yet, but he’s raised more money than some of his Republican counterparts who have declared their intention to run. Photo credit: Wikimedia Foundation

Outside the Box Video Series: The Power of Nightmares

Written and produced by Adam Curtis, The Power of Nightmares—The Rise of the Politics of Fear explores the similarities between the ascent of the American Neo-Conservative movement and the trajectory of radical, fundamentalist Islamism in three one-hour films.More controversial, perhaps, than even this co

Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin Is Judge in Explosive 9/11 Case against Bush Officials

Argument followed but Walker, and fellow judges Cabranes and Winter, seemed more interested in making sure that Veale was properly licensed to practice before the court than the stark legal issues presented by the appeal. The appeal is from a ruling by then District Court Judge, now 2nd Circuit Court Judge, Denny Chin, dismissing Ms. Gallop%u2019s lawsuit with prejudice, writing that the allegations contained there are %u201Cimplausible%u201D and the product of %u201Ccynical delusion and fantasy.%u201D

Bush to The Hague > Global > Redress Information & Analysis

The complaint requests: 1. That the ICC prosecutor open an investigation of the Accused on his own accord under Rome Statute article 15(1); and 2. That the ICC Prosecutor also formally %u201Csubmit to the [ICC] Pre-Trial Chamber a request for authorization of an investigation%u201D of the Accused under Rome Statute Article 15(3).

Obama administration invokes ‘state secrets’ claim to defend Bush’s wiretapping program.

The Obama administration is “invoking government secrecy in defending the Bush administration’s wiretapping program” against a lawsuit brought by AT&T customers who claim “federal agents illegally intercepted their phone calls and gained access to their records.” Justice Department lawyers yesterday demanded dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against Bush officials, arguing that the information constitutes privileged “state secrets.” Moreover, the DOJ claims the Patriot Act bars lawsuits against “illegal government surveillance unless there is