Parents Struggle to Find Clothing for Children With Disabilities

Emily Medrano struggles to find clothes for her 23-month-old son, Aaron, who suffers from a rare intestinal malformation that causes him to vomit often and soil his clothes. But a quick change of clothes is difficult without undoing a catheter that enters through a vein to allow nutrients and medicine to reach his heart.

Activists Storm the Boardrooms of Big Oil

The last week of May this year was a bad one for Big Oil. of Chevron’s shareholders voted in favor of a resolution calling for cutting back on the firm’s emissions. A Dutch court ruled that Royal Dutch Shell PLC would have to cut certain types of emissions by 45 percent by 2030, a far greater amount than the company had set for itself.

Distanced Dining: The New Normal Night Out

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs cities ground to a pandemic-induced standstill, the very places that once provided a welcome break from the pressure of modern life — restaurants, bars, and cafes — faced a threat to their own survival. Quaint Parisian cafés hollowed out; German beer gardens devoid of merriment; bustling tapas bars silent — that was the picture in Europe even as the econo

Big Business and Racial Justice: To Speak Out or Shut Up

Reading Time: 5 minutes— ANALYSIS —After the deaths of George Floyd and other Black men and women at the hands of police triggered nationwide protests against racism earlier this year, corporate America landed squarely on the horns of a dilemma: Speak out against racial injustice and demand change, while risking a backlash — or keep quiet and risk accusations of moral cowardice.

Petit éloge de l’excès

Je croirai en Dieu le jour où je le verrai danser. »    -F. Nietzsche
- On peut dire ce qu’on veut du génie humain, à force de gratifier les mâles dominants, les forts en fer, les mangeurs d’os, de laisser les vainqueurs écrire l’histoire et les marchands s’emparer du vivant avec une marge de quinze pour cent pour les actionnaires, le résultat n’est pas bien marrant.