carbon eugenics

FLASHBACK: Feudalism 2.0 (2007)

[iframe src="" width="90%" height="320" allow="fullscreen"] FROM 2007: Today we examine the implications of a fearful new religion that is being promoted in the mainstream media to introduce a new feudal society to the public. The post first appeared on .

Interview 1446 – James Corbett on The Post-Carbon Energy Eugenics Hoax

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas of The Ripple Effect and Jeffrey Wilson and Pat Miletich of Conspiracy Farm for another roundtable swapcast. This time they break down the history of Big Oil carbon eugenics agenda and the future of the technocratic post-carbon world.

Interview 1308 – James Corbett on The Last American Vagabond

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett appears on The Last American Vagabond to discuss How &; Why Big Oil Conquered The World.