The American Way: Call Them ‘Hero,’ Pay Them Zero

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Healthcare workers, delivery drivers, and retail employees are members of the pantheon of heroes Americans love to lionize in the era of COVID-19. But they’re poorly paid, poorly protected, and quickly forgotten.

Killer Ratings: Watch Fox News and Die

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Fox News has made a fortune delivering misinformation to an audience that gobbles it up. During a pandemic, however, this is a recipe for disaster — and some viewers will pay the ultimate price.

Trump Wants to Inject Taxpayer Money Straight Into His Businesses

Reading Time: &; 1 minute President Donald Trump has benefited financially from foreign governments, political campaigns, and even the Secret Service using his hotels. Now he wants to get his hands on taxpayer money directly.

Greed Is Getting Back to Normal

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Although some banks say they won't do it, the law that authorized the issuance of the $1,200-per- person economic stimulus checks allows banks to keep part of the money to cover their (often ridiculous) overdraft and late fees.

Ignorance Is No Defense Against COVID-19

Reading Time: &; 1 minute You may be complacent about the pandemic, thinking that the coronavirus only infects older people, or sick people, or nonwhite folks. Don’t be. Nobody is immune -- and we are all in this together.

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Play by the Media’s Rules

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Why isn’t Bernie Sanders dropping out? The real reason is very simple: Because he can still win. But that’s not good enough for the corporate media, which wants the Democratic primary to be over.

The Myth of American Exceptionalism Falls Victim to Coronavirus

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Americans are always being told that they are the best, and have the best. The response to coronavirus exposes that as wishful thinking.

GOP’s Dirty Tricks Pay Off on Super Tuesday

Reading Time: &; 1 minute The long lines minority and young voters faced on Super Tuesday were not an accident. They are the result of policies put in place to systematically disenfranchise certain groups of Americans.

You’re Not a Crook — Trump Pardons Those Who Are Like Him

Reading Time: &; 1 minute President Donald Trump never thinks he does anything wrong. That explains why he pardons the celebrity crooks whose crimes resemble his own.

Psst! The Media Sucks at Predicting Primary Winners

Reading Time: &; 1 minute The media has a poor track record of predicting who will win presidential primaries. No wonder many Americans feel that journalists are out of touch with what is really happening in the country.

Impeachment Trial Exposes Twisted Legal Minds

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Donald Trump’s impeachment trial not only exposed the president’s wrongdoing, but also the twisted hypocrisy of Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, and others.

The Media’s Silence on Spurious Greenwald Charges Is Deafening

Reading Time: &; 1 minute While the media has, rightly, been very vocal about press restrictions during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, it has been much more quiet about Brazil’s recent efforts to silence Glenn Greenwald.

Culture: In the Trump Era, It Has a Whole New Meaning

Reading Time: &; 1 minute One “highlight” of the recent crisis involving the US and Iran was President Donald Trump’s repeated threats to attack cultural sites in Iran, which would be a brazen violation of the Geneva Conventions and other international laws.

Prison Gerrymandering Is Cruel and Undemocratic

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Prisoners can't vote. They have no political power. But they count in the census. And that’s exactly why lawmakers want them in their districts.

FISA Advocates Worry Spying on Americans May Become More Difficult

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Whenever the curtain is pulled back on how the FISA process works, as it was in the recent DOJ inspector general’s report, Americans are appalled. Yet anti-privacy advocates are worried that spying on US citizens may only become easier in the future.

Free Mass Transit in KC — A Slippery Slope Toward Stalinist Gulags?

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Kansas City has approved free mass transit for all. Where most people see a sensible policy that helps all citizens and the environment, others will undoubtedly invoke the boogeyman of “socialism” -- and expose how wacky they sound.

Senate Rubberstamps Another Unqualified Conservative Judge

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Want to get a job as a federal judge but have no courtroom experience, no common sense and no clue? No problem. If you are conservative enough, the GOP Senate will confirm you.

Google to Employees: Want a Union? Search Elsewhere

Like other Silicon Valley companies, Google prides itself on being open to different viewpoints. But when it comes to its employees wanting to organize, that supposed tolerance quickly reaches its limits. The post appeared first on .

What’s Richer Than Michael Bloomberg? His Tone Deafness

Reading Time: 1 minute Memo to Michael Bloomberg: Being a beneficiary of America’s insane wealth gap does not make you qualified to fix it.

Donald Trump and Paula White — a Match Made in Heaven

Reading Time: 1 minute President Donald Trump’s newest White House aide is “prosperity gospel” television evangelist Paula White. Both are thrice-married and like to con people out of their money, so it seems like a match made in heaven.

Boos or Paid Propaganda — What’s the Real Problem?

Reading Time: 1 minute If you have a problem with people booing a president who maligns their city, but not with unsubstantiated smear campaigns paid for by millionaires and crackpots, you may be missing the bigger picture.

Bernie Sanders Is the Original Invisible Man

Reading Time: 1 minute In a repeat of 2016, Bernie Sanders is running another strong campaign. He's attracting big crowds, raising a lot of money, making news with important plans, and doing well in the polls — but the media continues to act like he doesn't even exist.

Not Up For Debate: Big Media Whizzes Tell Us What to Think

Reading Time: 1 minute When it comes to debates, the talking heads want you to take their word on what matters, rather than follow your own gut.

Worth a Thousand Words

Reading Time: 3 minutesAlthough the word “nasty” is widely thought to have its origins in the person of Thomas Nast, the most influential American political cartoonist of the 19th century, the term actually originated centuries before Nast, according to Merriam-Webster.  But the fact that people routinely associate him with the word says something about the power o

Dear US Government: Please Do Nothing on Climate Change

Reading Time: 1 minuteMany people are accusing the US government of doing nothing on climate change. That could not be more wrong. Every day, this administration is taking new steps to muffle scientists, shirk responsibility, deny evidence, shut down research, and undermine international efforts to fight this problem. 

Nobody Likes a Bully

Reading Time: 1 minute While President Donald Trump likes to pal around with some of the world’s dictators and strongmen, the rest of his foreign policy resembles that of many past president. It’s just one reason why the US is increasingly unpopular across the globe.

The Sins of the Father, Mother, and President

Reading Time: 1 minute In order to punish the children of undocumented immigrants, President Donald Trump wants to end birthright citizenship, which makes anyone born on US soil an American. But once we start holding people accountable for the sins of their fathers and mothers, where does it stop?

Incompetence or Worse: How Did Epstein Die?

Reading Time: 1 minuteAfter pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell, news reports said that his guards falsified their logs to show that they had checked on him when, in fact, they had been sleeping.

The Dangerous Disingenuity of America’s Wannabe Gunslingers

Reading Time: 1 minuteThose who defend the rights of regular Americans to own weapons of war often say that this is necessary to defend the US against tyranny or a foreign enemy. They conveniently leave out the fact that they would still be hopelessly outgunned if such an authoritarian regime ever were in charge.

Trump and Saudi Arabia: A Bloody Alliance

Reading Time: 1 minuteTrying to pander to African Americans, President Donald Trump recently criticized Sweden for not releasing rapper A$AP Rocky, who has been charged with assault. It’s curious that he never called out Saudi Arabia for torturing and killing Washington Post columnist Jamal Kashoggi.

Mueller Spectacle: Dazed, Not Dazzled

Reading Time: 1 minute Guess who paid for the Mueller hearing, including all the showmanship on both sides and the more than 100 non-answers, only to be left with a still partially redacted report and lots of questions!

Our Favorite Cartoon Op-Eds of 2017

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