child abuse

Exposing The Monsters Among Us!

In this video, Jason Bermas goes over the latest scandal in Pennsylvania where more than 300 priests abused over a thousand children during a seven-decade time span! However, this abuse is not new and is not isolated to just the Catholic religion. Join Jason in exposing the monsters among us.

Corey’s Law: Unblocking Justice

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Al Franken KABC anchor scandal, Amazon along with Jeff Bezo&;s becoming the most powerful entities in the world, Twitter censorship of baked Alaska, important financial news plus a lot more.

Associated Press Uncovers Massive Child Exploitation By The United Nations

The Associated Press undercovered nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse, 300 of which involved children in the past 12 years by United Nations officials and peacekeepers. Including only a few who served jail time.