Citizens United

Congress (Finally) Considers Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Reading Time: 3 minutesProtecting Out Vote 2020Most Americans agree on background checks for gun purchases, lower prescription drug prices, and the need to take on climate change.

The Unholy Trinity of Illegal Campaign Coordination

Reading Time: 4 minutesProtecting Out Vote 2020Ever since the Supreme Court reopened the floodgates for unlimited political contributions in its controversial Citizens United ruling, dark money gr

Will Redistricting Vote Change History’s View of Justice Kennedy?

It has been 30 years since Anthony Kennedy was sworn into office on the Supreme Court. Kennedy was President Ronald Reagan’s for the post. His first choice — D.C. Circuit Judge Robert Bork — was deemed too conservative by the Democratic Senate, and Reagan’s second, Judge Douglas Ginsburg, fell from grace after media reports about his marijuana use. Kennedy was a conservative whom both parties could accept.