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At the Center of the Storm

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhoWhatWhy’s Nicole Elliott was at the center of the firestorm that erupted in Portland, OR. Between intermittently violent protests and approaching, uncontrolled wildfires, Elliott kept a journal until finally she was forced to evacuate. This is her account of what it was like to be at the center of the turbulence. September 11, 2020

Summertime and the Living’s Uneasy

Reading Time: 5 minutesAt the halfway point, 2020 is shaping up as potentially the worst year for Planet Earth since an asteroid strike (inexplicably not shared on social media) wiped out the dinosaurs and 75 percent of all other creatures. What else could go wrong? Surely, some things could go right.

Scientist Is Saving Corals by Breeding Them in the Lab

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageJust off the coast of Singapore, a group of scientists huddles together in the warm ocean water as waves roll and crash around them. Clad in neoprene sui

How to Get Climate Change Deniers on Board With Science

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageThe scientific consensus on climate change is nearly unanimous and freely available to anyone, and yet there are people who reject the idea that human activity is war

Interview 1517 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: The UK government mulls banning vaccine truth; UNESCO argues for banning climate truth; and the CIA/WaPo want to ban foreign interference in the bogus 2020 selection.

Out of Thin Air — Breakthrough Tech Uses Water Vapor to Generate Electricity

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoveragePicture a world entirely powered by clean energy — cars without tailpipes, homes without outlets, and batteries that recharge without you having to lift a finger.

Interview 1514 – Jo Nova on the Australian Bushfires

[audio mp3=""][/audio]In this conversation recorded before the recent record rainfall in New South Wales, Joanne Nova of joins us to analyze the recent Australian bushfires and debunk the notion that they were caused by climate change.

Students Expose Plot to Cast Doubt on Climate Change

Reading Time: 7 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageIn 2019, the year youth around the world stepped out of the classroom and onto the streets to demand climate action, four students stayed at their desks.

How to Break the Cycle of Indifference on Climate Change

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change Coverage“People, for reasons of their own, often fail to do things that would be good for them or good for society.” Truly wise words.

Interview 1500 – Marc Morano Debunks a Decade of Climategate Lies

[audio mp3=""][/audio]It's been a decade since the leak of emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia exposed the lies, obfuscations and dirty tricks behind the climate change orthodoxy. But although the conversation has long since moved on, there's still a lot we can learn from the lessons of Climategate.

What Did #ExxonKnew and When Did They Knew It? – Question For Corbett #048

[audio mp3=""][/audio]As gains traction with the public, one Corbett Report listener writes in for more info on the subject.

Climate Change: Killing the Planet or Killing You?

WhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageThe apathy of many world leaders, corporations, and individuals toward climate change has been vexing and frustrating to those who understand the devastating impact of the problem.

What If Everybody Is Wrong About Stopping Climate Change?

Reading Time: 15 minutesThe prevailing scientific sentiment on the global ecological crises is that the only road to a livable future is to drastically reduce consumption, learn to share and reuse more, and — most importantly — restrain growth. Frankly, that’s what most of the evidence makes abundantly clear.

Hamburgers and Beyond: Climate Change and the Taste Test

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe hamburger is as American as&; well, as apple pie, so to speak. But is what amounts to the national dish poised to be reinvented as a plant-based product that tastes as good as the classic stomach-pleaser?

Sharks Swimming Farther North: Another Sign of Global Warming

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageClimate change is altering the migration patterns of sharks, and they are now turning up in greater numbers in places where they used to be rare — because the water is warmer.

Homeowners Demand Climate Action: ‘Livelihoods Are at Risk’

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change Coverage“I remember how that powerful storm ripped through south Sayville, bringing down trees and submerging entire streets in seawater,” said Harrison Bench, a young climate activist

Planet Before Profit: A New Business Model

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageThere is plenty of blame to go around for the looming climate catastrophe: governments that don’t act, voters who don’t hold them accountable, and consumers who make choices ev

They Didn’t Start the Fire, But They Are Here to Put It Out

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageAs six-year-old Oz bashfully listed the things he identified as threats to the environment, such as plastic water bottles, bad people and rising temperatures, he stopped to exc

Dear US Government: Please Do Nothing on Climate Change

Reading Time: 1 minuteMany people are accusing the US government of doing nothing on climate change. That could not be more wrong. Every day, this administration is taking new steps to muffle scientists, shirk responsibility, deny evidence, shut down research, and undermine international efforts to fight this problem. 

Mysterious Killer: Climate Change is Prime Suspect

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs winter looms, you may not be giving much thought to how we are affected by hot weather, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere — but the heat will be back, and with a vengeance.

An Important Conversation With Climate Change Pioneer Bill McKibben

Reading Time: 13 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change Coverage The threat to humanity that climate change poses has been with us for nearly a century, says Bill McKibben, who was one of the first to sound the alarm.

Only Climate Action Now Can Stop a Global Drought

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageChennai, India’s sixth-largest city, is running out of water. The parched Chembarambakkam reservoir, plus three others supplying the city, are all nearly empty.

Climate Change Exodus: Is a Migration Catastrophe Inevitable?

Reading Time: 8 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageIn recent years, both the US and Europe have faced what seems like a never-ending flood of refugees; the US from Mexico and Latin America, and Europe from North Africa and the Middle

Climate Change: Toxic Emissions From Politicians

Reading Time: 8 minutesWhoWhatWhy Climate Change CoverageIf the hot air coming out of politicians’ mouths contributed toward climate change, the planet would be warming at an even more alarming rate.