The Surprising Contradiction Of Colombia!

In this video, Luke discusses the surprising contradiction of modern-day Columbia. So what is going on in this beautiful country and what is it like to expatriate there?

Can I Buy Or Is It Cannabust?

In this video, Luke is coming to you from Bogata, Colombia and speaks with Lucas Birdsall about the brand new market that has been created by legalization. How does this market work and ultimately the question is, can I buy or is it Cannabust?

NarcoNews: DEA Prostitute Scandal Isn’t Agency’s Only Trick

Drug-War Agency’s Latin America Operations Tarnished by a Pattern of Unaddressed Corruption Allegations Bill Conroy The current scandal over Colombian narco-traffickers paying prostitutes to provide sex services to DEA agents has an even deeper footprint in the agency than the current head of the DEA has conceded, court records stemming from past DEA operations reveal.