Episode 360 – Steal This Podcast (Please!)

[audio mp3=""][/audio]What is "intellectual property," exactly? Where does this pernicious idea come from? And how does this philosophical wrong turn lead us not just into the heart of absurdity, but toward the censorship of the internet and the control of your genome? Find out in this jam-packed edition of The Corbett Report . . .

Interview 1466 – Steering Revolutions on Declare Your Independence

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James joins Ernest Hancock of Declare Your Independence for their regular interview on all the latest news. This week they discuss the EU copyright directive, gaslighting, color revolutions and modeling real discourse.

Interview 1465 – Glyn Moody on the EU Copyright Directive

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Writer and journalist Glyn Moody joins us today to discuss his recent TechDirt article, EU Looking To Regulate Everything Online, And To Make Sites Proactively Remove Material. We discuss the recently-passed EU copyright directive, including the imposition of upload filters, and the recently-leaked working paper on the EU Digital Services Act.

Not Funny! Memes Illegal Under Insane Law

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews professional meme man Mance Ryder about an insane new law that is under consideration in the European Union. Under this law, basically anything that may have any copyright could be immediately taken down and censored, no matter how relevant or funny.

Bilderberg 2018, Article 13, CIA Card Game – New World Next Week

This week on the New World Next Week: Weed turns to crypto to relieve the cash crunch; Whole Foods backtracks on GMO labeling; and the police get ALPR help with digital license plates.

Interview 1363 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: Bilderberg meets in Turin; EU threatens the web with new copyright legislation; and the CIA's card game gets exposed online.

Massive Copyright S***storm Brewing, And iTunes Is Involved

The Copyright Act of 1976 is a fairly obscure law to most people, but it’s about to become very, very important to everyone involved. See, the Act has this provision for recordings where, for songs released after 1978, after 35 years, the artist can choose whether or not to terminate the copyright, which would essentially return all rights to the song to the artist.

Ethnographies du copyright: captations vidéo

Les journées d'étude 2009 de la Société avaient pour titre "ethnographies du copyright". Ci-dessous, les résumés des communications et leurs captations vidéo (signalées par un * dans la liste qui suit).

The Escapist : News : Warner Bros. Sued for Pirating Anti-Piracy Technology

German firm Medien Patent Verwaltung claims that in 2003, it revealed a new kind of anti-piracy technology to Warner Bros. that marks films with specific codes so pirated copies can be traced back to their theaters of origin. But like a great, hilariously-ironic DRM Ouroborus, the company claims that Warner began using the system throughout Europe in 2004 but hasn't actually paid a dime for it.

World War II Veterans Must Pay To Sing War Songs | TorrentFreak

Veterans of World War II who sang war songs at a free concert last year have now been told that they must pay fees to copyright holders. A collections society says they are owed money since the veterans sang the songs in public. The controversy has prompted an announcement in Russia%u2019s parliament.

Digital economy bill rushed through wash-up in late night session | Technology |

The government forced through the controversial digital economy bill with the aid of the Conservative party last night, attaining a crucial third reading – which means it will get royal assent and become law – after just two hours of debate in the Commons.

Lois C46 et C47: Vers la fin de la vie privée au Canada

Lois C46 et C47: Vers la fin de la vie privée au Canada -

Il y a présentement un mouvement très fort au sein du gouvernement conservateur, appuyé par "l'opposition" libérale pour fortement resserrer les lois sur la surveillance téléphonique et informatique. En bref: vous allez être surveillés par votre police locale, provinciale, fédérale ou étrangère sans mandat et sans être averti. En tant qu'administrateur système pour le Réseau Koumbit où ma tâche est justement de m'assurer de la confidentialité et de la sécurité de vos données, ceci m'inquiète au plus haut point. Le Canada, jusqu'à maintenant épargné par cette folie, était considéré comme un symbole international de la liberté sur internet. Il rejoindrait maintenant la tendance internationale (en fait, américaine, européenne et chinoise) et embarquerait dans le bateau de la surveillance globale, style 1984.

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The Rising Tide of Internet Censorhsip | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

efforts to control who can create a website are similar to efforts over who could legally print and publish books following the invention of movable-type printing. And like those earlier efforts, attempts to control the internet are inevitably doomed to fail if for no other reason than that they are visible to the world.

Anti-piracy agency's logo broke copyright - Telegraph

The agency's logo was unveiled this by French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand, who said that Hadopi "finally had a face". But within hours of its launch, it was forced to apologise for using a typeface without permission that belonged to France Telecom.

Michael Geist - The ACTA Internet Chapter: Putting the Pieces Together

If accurate (and these provisions are consistent with the U.S. approach for the past few years in bilateral trade negotiations) the combined effect of these provisions would dramatically reshape Canadian copyright law and to eliminate sovereign choice on domestic copyright policy. Having just concluded a national copyright consultation, these issues were at the heart of thousands of submissions.

Secret Anti-Piracy Treaty Turns ISPs into Pirates | TorrentFreak

A leaked draft of the Internet chapter of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) reveals that ISPs will be held liable for the infringements of their customers, unless they disconnect those accused. The draft aims to strengthen the power of the entertainment industries and other copyright holders, at the cost of the public.

Mandelson launches crackdown on file sharing... just days after meeting with record producer | Mail Online

Lord Mandelson ordered officials to draw up the draconian regulations days after dinner with David Geffen, who founded the Asylum record label which signed Bob Dylan. The pair dined on 7 August at the Rothschild family villa on Corfu, while Mandelson was holidaying on the Greek island.