Possible Deal Between Turkey and Qatar on Military Operation Against Syria

I hope Erdogan doesn't mind going down in history as the idiot that got Russia to kick Turkey's @$$! A Turkish lawmaker has raised questions about a possible deal between the Turkish and Qatari governments on a military operation against Syria, Press TV reports. The remarks came days after Erdogan said he was to ask NATO for a military operation in Syria. Erdogan believes that the prolonged unrest in Syria has to be brought to an end with the intervention of international powers.

Supreme Court of Iceland convicts Two Bankers for the Collapse. Another banker yet to be put on Trial.

Don't cha just Love Iceland! If only Greece, Spain and the other European countries would take Iceland's lead and put the Bankers on trial and tell the ECB to "F off" like Iceland did. The Supreme Court of Iceland convicted two bankers this week with regards to the collapse of Iceland. Now - All other countries should be putting the Bankers On Trial for all the Fraud they are committing upon the people of the world. But I won't hold my breath because the bankers actually rule all the governments of the world, except for Iceland.

Cannes Film Festival makes exception to show Libya propaganda documentary

This year's Cannes Film Festival at the last moment added a documentary essay on the 2011 war against Libya to its official selection: "The Oath of Tobruk" by French reporter and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy. Lévy, who is seen as the gothfather of the "humanitarian war" and one of the main orchestrators of the illegal NATO bombing of Libya which has resulted in numerous casualties and deaths among the country's population, plays the role of democracy bringing superhero in the documentary.