The Militarization of American Public Schools

DC on BFP &; John Whitehead joins Guillermo to discuss how zero-tolerance policies in public schools have criminalized an entire generation of young students, and trained them how to live in a police state. We also touch on the case of Ahmed Mohamed, and explain how his story has been largely misrepresented in the media.

Demanufacturing Consent: ISIS in Texas?

DC on BFP &; Tom Secker joins Guillermo to discuss the shooting in Garland, Texas allegedly carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS): the questionable circumstances, heightened security, FBI foreknowledge and years-long surveillance of one of the alleged shooters, and the potential for it to have been a "Gladio-style" false flag event.

Demanufacturing Consent: Does Your Vote Really Matter?

DC on BFP &; Sheldon Richman joins Guillermo to discuss the issue of voting. Is it a duty or a right? Should it be mandatory, as President Obama would like? Are there candidates out there worth voting for? And does any of it really matter, or do these good intentions actually serve to legitimize an inherently corrupt system?

Mexicoleaks: The Answer to Mexico’s Narco-Politics Nightmare?

DC on BFP &; Danny Benavides joins us to discuss the launch of a new Wikileaks-style project in Mexico called "Mexicoleaks": we go over the project's goals, why its been introduced, who's involved, their source of funding, and why we remain skeptical about the operation in the "post-Snowden" age.

Silk Road and the Trial for Internet Freedom

DC on BFP &; Derrick Broze joins Guillermo to discuss the federal trial of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged "Dread Pirate Roberts" and mastermind behind the Silk Road marketplace on the Deep Web. We also touch on the philosophy of the Silk Road, why Ross Ulbricht deserves to be freed, and what this case means for the future of internet freedom.

Sony Hack and the Rise of Digital False Flags

DC on BFP &; Tom Secker joins us to discuss the various theories circulating around the Sony hack, who may have ultimately been responsible, and why North Korea is the least likely of culprits. We also explain what the US government has to gain from pinning the attack on the North Koreans, despite their flimsy evidence.

American Psychological Association Complicit in CIA Torture

DC on BFP &; Dr. Roy Eidelson joins us to explain the role of psychologists, and the complicity of the American Psychological Association, in CIA torture. We discuss the "architect" of the CIA's torture program, James Mitchell, the theory of "learned helplessness," and the role of the media and pop culture in the normalization of torture.

The State Kills with Impunity in the Land of the Free

DC on BFP &; Aaron Cantú details the case of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father of six who NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo choked to death last July; the failings of the grand jury system in both the Garner case and Michael Brown in Ferguson; and why police are the "most violent parts of white supremacy distilled down to human form."

“The CIA Has Become the Phoenix”

DC on BFP &; Douglas Valentine, CIA expert and author of The Phoenix Program, joins us to discuss the "sweeping organizational changes" proposed for the agency, how its counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency tactics have invaded nearly every law enforcement department in the country, including local police.

Are We Serious about Ending the Drug War, or Just Blowing Smoke?

DC on BFP &; Phillip Smith of StoptheDrugWar.org joins us to discuss the four pending marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot this November, and what the odds are of ending prohibition across the country in the foreseeable future.

The Iguala Massacre: Why Were 43 Mexican Students Disappeared?

DC on BFP &; Andalusia Knoll joins us to discuss the suspected massacre of students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College of Ayotzinapa in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. We clear up the misinformation in the US media, explain these students were targeted, and explore how this fits into the bigger picture of Mexico's US-led drug war.

“All Enemies Foreign and Domestic”

DC on BFP &; Shahid Buttar explains why the greatest threats to liberty in the United States are not foreign, but domestic and found within our own government, and why the NSA could be said to have found a "political ally" in the Islamic State. Also: potential solutions, reactions from Ferguson, racial profiling, and much more.

War and Empire: The Instruments of 21st-Century Tyranny

DC on BFP &; Abby Hall joins us this week to discuss her article "Perfecting Tyranny: Foreign Intervention as Experimentation in State Control." We discuss the "boomerang effect" and how war and the expansion of the American empire have given rise to the police and surveillance state in the United States.

What’s In Those 28 Pages?

DC on BFP &; Doug Owen joins us this week to discuss the latest round of US military aggression in Iraq, why the "war fatigued" American public appear to be largely in favor of the attack, and what it has to do with September 11, 2001. We also talk about the importance of the ongoing 28 Pages campaign, and much more.

Continuity of Agenda: 20 Years of War in Iraq

DC on BFP &; On September 10, 2014, Barack Obama became the fourth consecutive US President to announce the bombing of the country of Iraq. Whether it's a conservative former head of the CIA, a freewheeling, smoothing talking womanizer from Arkansas, a bumbling Bonesman with a fake Texas accent...

Fear and Fake Journalism: Is the ISIS Propaganda Working?

DC on BFP &; Pearse Redmond joins us to discuss the dubious connections between fake journalist "turned freedom fighter" Matthew Van Dyke and alleged ISIS victims James Foley and Steven Sotloff; the bullshit rumor that ISIS is operating on the US-Mexico border, and how and why this fear-based propaganda has taken hold of the so-called alternative

Demanufacturing Consent: “Humanitarian” Wars for Imperial Dreams

DC on BFP &; Daniel McAdams gives us his take on the current situation in Iraq and Syria, as the US war machine prepares for another full-on military invasion. Was the James Foley video staged? Given Foley worked for USAID until at least 2010, could he have been more than just a journalist?

Demanufacturing Consent: Counterinsurgency Wars – From Gaza to Ferguson

DC on BFP &; Kevin Gosztola joins us to discuss the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri, the killing of Michael Brown, and the larger issues of police accountability and incremental militarization. We also go over the similarities in counterinsurgency and paramilitary tactics in play both in Ferguson and Gaza.

Demanufacturing Consent: Bill Conroy on Journalistic Authenticity

DC on BFP &; Bill Conroy shares his story of a 20-year career in journalism, why he started writing for Narco News, why he resigned his position at the San Antonio Business Journal, his relationship with Gary Webb, and what it means to be an "authentic journalist."

Demanufacturing Consent: The Snowden-ISIS Hoax

DC on BFP &; Tom Secker joins us to discuss the fake "news" story circulating around the web claiming former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released documents proving the CIA/MI6/Mossad are running ISIS. We explain the story's origins, why it's bogus, who may be behind it, and how alt media can avoid being misled in the future.

Demanufacturing Consent: Rebecca Gordon on Why Torture Still Matters

DC on BFP &; Rebecca Gordon, a philosophy teacher at the University of San Francisco and author of the book Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States, joins us to discuss why institutionalized torture remains relevant in the "post-Bush era" of the United States.

Demanufacturing Consent: Sheldon Richman on Open Borders and the Politics of Walls

DC on BFP &; Sheldon Richman joins us to explain why the US government has no moral authority to round up human beings, house them in "detention centers," and ship them off to countries that in many cases the U.S. helped destroy. Also: the moral and economic arguments for open borders and freedom of movement.

Demanufacturing Consent: Peter Van Buren on Iraq, ISIS, and the Ghost of Tom Joad

DC on BFP &; Peter Van Buren joins us to discuss his time in Iraq working for the State Department in 2009, what he saw, and why he blew the whistle. We discuss the complex situation on the ground, the US-trained and funded bogeymen ISIS, the disastrous consequences of US intervention, and much more.

Demanufacturing Consent: Michael Maharrey on Nullifying Illegal Spying, Drug War, and the Police State

DC on BFP &; Michael Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center joins us to discuss to progress of the Off Now campaign to "nullify the NSA." We also discuss how nullification, decentralization, and state's rights can be used to reign back the militarization of local police and end the war on drugs.

Demanufacturing Consent: Lee Camp on Corporatism, Secrecy, and America’s Exceptional Apathy

DC on BFP &; Lee Camp joins us to talk about his new show on RT America called "Redacted Tonight," and what it sets it apart from social "steam valves" like The Daily Show. Also, the sociopathic power elite, why good people aren't very good at planning, consumerism, apathy, and optimism for the future.

Demanufacturing Consent: Breadless Circus – World Cup Focalizes Civil Unrest in Brazil

DC on BFP &; Ioan Grillo joins us to discuss Brazil, as protests and clashes with police are spurred by the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. We go over the allegations of corruption and the program of "pacification": police raids, homes bulldozed, thousands rendered homeless, and many killed, in an effort to "cleanse" host cities for tourists.

Demanufacturing Consent: Dr. Bruce Levine on Psychiatry’s “Useful Fictions” and Pathologizing Dissent

DC on BFP &; Dr. Bruce Levine joins us to discuss how elites in Psychiatry and Psychology have "manufactured consent" through the "chemical imbalance fiction"; how anti-authoritarianism has been pathologized through diagnoses of "oppositional defiant disorder"; and the potential for social engineering through psychiatry, media, and politics.

Demanufacturing Consent: Tom Secker on Snowden, Hollywood, and the CIA

DC on BFP &; Tom Secker joins us to discuss Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Zero Dark Thirty, and the role of the CIA and the national security state in Hollywood. As the Snowden narrative unravels, will the master story-tellers in Hollywood step in to rewrite history and shape your reality?

Demanufacturing Consent: Jacob Hornberger on US Intervention in Africa and Latin America

DC on BFP &; Jacob Hornberger joins us to discuss US interventionist foreign policy in Africa and the ongoing situation with Nigeria, Boko Haram, and the kidnapping of nearly 300 young school girls. Also: the "Cold War mind" in Latin America, the call for "smart sanctions" in Venezuela, and the case for open borders.

Demanufacturing Consent: Todd Miller on the “New World Border”

DC on BFP &; Todd Miller joins us to discuss the emergence of the "border-industrial complex," and how its political effects extend beyond the southwestern United States, across the country and around the world. Also, the remarkable story of Arivaca, Arizona and how border communities can resist the homeland security state.

Demanufacturing Consent: Phil Giraldi on the Killing Business, Illegality, Immorality of the CIA

DC on BFP &; Phil Giraldi joins us to discuss the "Cognitive Dissonance of Spying," post-9/11 "culture shift" within the CIA, neoconservatives in Washington positioning a "New Cold War" as the next "just cause" in the killing business, Jonathan Pollard, the strength of the Israel Lobby today, and much more.

Demanufacturing Consent: Douglas Lucas on Bush’s Art, El Chapo, and Barret Brown

DC on BFP &; Douglas Lucas explains what George W. Bush's recent "art exhibit" may reveal about the former sociopath-in-chief. Also, the drug war rages on "south of the border," the next generation of sociopathic cartel leaders, Stratfor's cozy relationship with law enforcement, and the latest on the Barrett Brown case.