How Close Are We To The Next Economic Calamity Collapse?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the economy and the possibility of economic collapse. We talk about how the federal government could soon pay more in interest on its debt than it spends on the military, Medicaid or children’s programs. We also look at other breaking news including Portal from Facebook, the voice activated smart camera with touch screen display.

Colleges and Landlords Are Crushing Millennials with Debt

The youngest millennials — Americans born between 1977 to 1995 — graduated college a year ago, but they may soon realize that the initiation into adulthood is a far cry from joining a sorority or fraternity. As if the twin-scourge of soaring student debt and stagnant wages weren’t bad enough, they also than previous generations.

Will Spiraling Debt Produce Another Financial Meltdown?

Debt is back in the news. Last month, with the US close to exhausting the $19.8 trillion limit on what it could borrow, Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling. But that was just a short-term fix. Lawmakers will have to and federal spending again in December.Government debt isn’t our only problem.

Puerto Rico Pushes to Become 51st State

On June 12, results were announced for Puerto Rico’s latest status referendum — the fifth in 50 years. An overwhelming 97 percent voted in favor of statehood. While such a landslide victory might suggest that most of the territory’s citizens are in agreement, that’s not the case. Only 23 percent of registered voters participated in Sunday’s plebiscite, down from 72 percent in 2012. Most voters boycotted the election.Acquired from Spain in 1898, Puerto Rico is currently one of five inhabited unincorporated territories held by the US.

The Australian Housing Bubble Is Ready To Burst! – Home Prices Skyrocket To 7 Year High

Recently, I spoke with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the alarming rate at which Australian home prices are rising as the real estate bubble proves to be more volatile than ever. Home prices in Australia have risen the most in 7 years as massive market manipulation takes place forcing even the middle class to rent rather than buy homes. The average home values in capital cities surged 12.9% in March alone.

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Former Top Banker Believes $10 Trillion in Private Debt Will Trigger Next Financial Meltdown

If you did a Google search for stories about the 2008–2009 financial crisis, you’d find that the vast majority focus on public and government debt—and government spending. This has been, for almost 40 years, the mantra of many in Washington.And yet we know, that our most recent financial crisis, was at least, i

Dimitrios Papageorgiou and Joshua Tartakovsky: Syriza – fraud or savior of Greece?

 By: Tesha Teshanovic Dimitrios Papageorgiou and Joshua Tartakovsky: Syriza &; fraud or savior of Greece? We decided to interview two persons with opposing views on Syriza. First one is Dimitrios Papageorgiou, greek right wing journalist from Athenes , second one is Joshua Tartakovsky, independent left wing journalist and film maker from Jerusalim.

6 Reasons Obama’s “Free” College Won’t Be Free

President Barack Obama speaks at Pellissippi State Community College Jan. 9, 2015, in Knoxville, Tenn. Obama is promoting a plan to make publicly funded community college available to all students. MARK HUMPHREY — AP
By Anita Kumar