Private Prisons Make a Buck with Inhumane Treatment of Immigrants

The US government is currently holding about 400,000 men and women in a patchwork of immigration prisons. Some are kept in corporate facilities that are guaranteed a minimum number of prisoners daily; others are in cells leased from county jails and other lockups.Carlos Hidalgo has spent two stretches at California’s Adelanto Detention Facility, where he witnessed food with maggots, guards having sex with inmates, easy access to drugs, and difficult access to legal counsel and family members.

Trump to Decide Fate of Thousands of Immigrants This Week

On January 8, President Donald Trump will make the most significant immigration decision of his first year in office: whether to deport the 200,000 Salvadorans in the US currently protected under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS).Established by President George H.W. Bush in 1990, the TPS program granted citizens from 20 countries work permits and legal residency should a catastrophe — such as a natural disaster, a war, a health epidemic, or domestic terrorism — render their hometowns uninhabitable.

Javier Cercas et le mal banal

Lconfirme ce  qu’il y a de plus faible dans le roman de Javier Cercas, l’Imposteur, c’est cette petite musique qui nous dit « nous sommes tous des imposteurs » comme d’autres affirmaient « nous sommes tous des anarchistes allemands » ou que  « nous sommes tous des assassins »  (André Cayatte), etc.