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How Epstein Got Rich: Clue Buried in Lawsuit?

Reading Time: 3 minutesPeople wondering how Jeffrey Epstein acquired his enormous wealth may find a clue on page 5 of the lawsuit, filed — and later withdrawn — by Katie Johnson against Donald Trump and Epstein for allegedly raping her when she was 13 years old.Tiffany Doe, a material witness named in the lawsuit, had agreed to provide sworn testimony, “fully verifying the authenticity of the claims” of Johns

Boston’s Busing Crisis Remembered Through the Eyes of the Affected

Reading Time: 7 minutesThe year is 1974 and the signs hanging from the windows of the south Boston buildings read “N***er Go Home.” In the streets below, crowds of rage-filled white and hurl bricks, as terrified African American pupils cower in

No More Binge Watching This White House Reality Show

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis country has an addiction problem. No, we’re not referring to the dependence of millions of Americans on opioids. The “addict” in this case is the president of the United States. He is addicted to public attention. (We  will not refer to the president by name here, hoping to set a virtuous example.)

The Bloody Truth Behind Trump’s Military Parade

Reading Time: 1 minutePresident Donald Trump’s grandiose vision for the 2019 Fourth of July celebration in Washington, DC, included tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as a flyover by military jets, in what the president ordered would be a “Salute to America.”

The Mystery of Stupidity

Reading Time: 6 minutesScience has always held the answers — or at least the promise of answers — to many of our problems. Deadly ones, like cancer, strokes, and heart attacks. And troubling, though non-deadly ones, ranging from blindness to baldness. We have been able to explore the deepest, darkest areas of the sea.

FEC Dealings With Trump Campaign Shows Dysfunction on Both Sides

Reading Time: 3 minutesEven before he officially kicks off his reelection campaign later this month, President Donald Trump has already found plenty of ways to use campaign donations to line his own pockets. But he may want to invest in a campaign finance expert quickly — or at least somebody who can count — or his campaign could soon be slapped with sanctions by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Delusion or Deception: Team Trump’s Russia Lie

Jared Kushner’s suggestion that Russian interference was limited to “” is akin to claiming that all the US did in Vietnam was send some military equipment.Even if it weren’t a blatant, easily disprovable lie, it would still not change the fact that a foreign power, using illegal means, sought to interfere in a US election on behalf of the candidate it felt would be more pliant to its strategic goals.Howe

The Adventures of Baron Trumphausen

It is simply impossible to read the and not come away with the certainty that this administration is the most (morally) corrupt and dysfunctional in US history, and that it is headed by a president who was only saved from prosecution because the people working for him routinely had the good sense to disregard his orders.

The Mueller Report: More Disquieting Insights

It takes many hours to read the Mueller report, but the deeper you dig, the more arresting insights and intriguing plot twists you find.One surprising insight: Many of the players in the Trump campaign appear to be apolitical. They don’t grasp for power; they seek what’s “good for business,” in the words of former campaign chair Paul Manafort.

Case in Point: Carter Page

Beginning on page 95, the report recounts the saga of Carter Page, candidate Trump’s foreign policy adviser.

The Mueller Report: The First Hundred Pages

It is and as chock-full of Russian names as any novel by Tolstoy. It is such good reading that it should not be left to the pundits to digest. Dive right in and you’ll almost immediately come up with intriguing tidbits. First, there’s a “caveat emptor” message from the author:

Tax Advice from the Best — Conmen, Crooks, Comics, and Geniuses

Speaking of tax returns… President Donald Trump would just love to show you his. He this past Wednesday, April 10: I would love to give them, but I’m not going to do it while I’m under audit&;

Why the High Hopes for Trump’s Tax Returns Are Misplaced

With House Democrats making a push to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns, there is an expectation among those wanting to see the president get toppled that these documents might constitute the smoking gun that will bring him down.But instead of a silver bullet, it’s more likely that the tax returns will be a relative dud, and here is why: There is simply no way that they are complete and accurate.As we and others have documented — and anybody with an open mind must surely realize — Trump is a crook and a charlatan.