Donald Trump

Our Counterfeit President

Reading Time: 7 minutes— OPINION —This is a tale of two boys who grew up with promise. Both had outsized personalities; both were physically strong and towered over their classmates. Both demonstrated athletic ability, albeit at different levels — the black boy from Houston, TX, in football and basketball, and the white boy from Queens, NY, in baseball. Both had big dreams.

États-Unis : Les menaces de répression par le recours à l’armée

Source : Traduit par l’équipe Les-Crises Donald Trump a récemment menacé de libérer « le pouvoir illimité de l’armée » pour réprimer le soulèvement du Minnesota. Pour Joe Lauria, rédacteur en chef de Consortium News, le président américain a ainsi mentionné le recours à l’armée américaine pour « envahir » un État sans le consentement d’un gouverneur.

Coronavirus: The West’s Superiority Complex Exposed

Reading Time: 5 minutesHONG KONG — It would be misleading to give the impression that the Hong Kong government has led the way in successfully containing the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Boris Johnson Playing Chicken With Donald Trump?

Reading Time: 3 minutesLONDON During the recent UK general election, a key attack line for the Labour party was to cast Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the lapdog of Donald Trump.

Trump Escapes Ukraine Saga Unscathed, Ukraine Does Not

Reading Time: 5 minutesKiev, UKRAINE – On Thursday night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew the 5,000 miles (via a stop in London) from Washington, DC, to Kiev to reassure the Ukrainian people. 

Trump’s Chilling Effect on Whistleblowers

Reading Time: 3 minutesWith the attention in Congress focused on the Senate impeachment trial, it is not surprising that a on whistleblower protections — which is direct

Is Trump’s Dam Breaking?

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt’s a small thing that may not get a huge amount of attention, but it seems significant. A writer for an iconic, conservative news and opinion publication has leveled a new charge at Trump, based on revelations over the Ukraine affair and the role of operative Lev Parnas.Writing

Culture: In the Trump Era, It Has a Whole New Meaning

Reading Time: &; 1 minute One “highlight” of the recent crisis involving the US and Iran was President Donald Trump’s repeated threats to attack cultural sites in Iran, which would be a brazen violation of the Geneva Conventions and other international laws.