MK Ultra 2012 - Cops Caught Feeding Teens Drugs And Dropping Them At Occupy Minnesota

It%u2019s the CIA%u2019s famed MK Ultra mind control drug program all over again, but this time the drug experiments are being conducted on teenage volunteers who are dropped off at the local Occupy protest after being drugged up by the cops.

Le père du LSD meurt à 102 ans (!)

Curt Maynards Blog: Father of LSD takes final trip

Hoffman always expressed his disappointment with LSD eventually being criminalised, saying the drug had the potential to deal with psychological problems caused by "materialism, alienation from nature through industrialisation and increasing urbanisation, lack of satisfaction in professional employment in a mechanised, lifeless working world, ennui and purposelessness in wealthy, saturated society, and lack of a religious, nurturing, and meaningful philosophical foundation of life".

My Aspartame Experiment.com

My Aspartame Experiment.com

Expérience indépendante sur les effets de l'aspartame... Publication documentée.

I did my aspartame experiment because my family was addicted to diet soda. After researching the effects of aspartame, I strongly believed the artificial sweetener might one day lead to their illness and even early death.

Venezuela Accuses U.S. DEA of Being a “Drug Cartel”

Le Vénézuela accuse la DEA étazunienne d'être un "Cartel de la drogue"

¨The United States establishes cooperation agreements in the fight against drug trafficking through economic cooperation so that they can later impose the presence of military bases under the pretense of cooperation," said Carreño yesterday.

Carreño dismissed any possibility of permitting the intervention of US authorities in Venezuela to fight drug trafficking and accused the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of forming its own “drug cartel.” According to the Carreño, when Venezuela ended its cooperation with the DEA two years ago, they observed that the US agency was trafficking drugs through the country.

"They were making a large quantity of drug shipments under the pretense of monitoring them, and they didn't carry out arrests or breakup the cartels," explained Carreño. "We were able to determine the presence of a new drug cartel in which the United States Drug Enforcement Agency was monopolizing the shipment of drugs," he said.

HU ! HA ! Chavez no se va !!