Avoir un bookmarklet pour créer des marque pages dans mon site drupal

cd modules git git clone --branch master http://git.drupal.org/project/prepopulate.git cd prepopulate git checkout 7.x-2.x less README.txt PREPOPULATE MODULE ================== By ea.Farris, based on an idea from chx. Maintained by Addison Berry (add1sun). Prepopulate is an attempt to solve the problem that resulted from the discussion at http://www.drupal.org/node/27155 where the $node object, it was (correctly, I believe) decided, should not be prefilled from the $_GET variables, and instead, the power of the FormsAPI should be used to modify the #default_value of the form elements themselves. This functionality will make things like bookmarklets easier to write, since it basically allows forms to be prefilled from the URL, using a syntax like: http://www.example.com/node/add/blog?edit[title]=this is the title&edit[body]=body goes here Refer to the USAGE.txt file or the online handbook at http://drupal.org/node/228167 for more examples.

Migration depuis D6

I try to migrate my old d6 iftbqp.com to d7* *(And it is done with * I'll try to rebuild content types and field, then migrate the old stuff in the new site using feeds_sql module. What needs to be migrated : * Blog * Articles * Bookmarks * Pages * Images (peintures etc) Let's test feeds_sql on the blog migration. We will use the blog module, so we probably don't need to put a lot of fields in the basic "blog" content type. drush en feeds_sql feeds_ui token Ok, apres quelques heures de travail là dessus, voici un exemple de configuration dans un aegir : dans le local.settings.php : <?php $databases['d6']['default'] = array( 'database' => 'dagadi', 'username' => 'dagada', 'password' => 'p4ssw0rd', 'host' => 'localhost', 'port' => '', 'driver' => 'mysql', 'prefix' => '' ); "d6" étant le nom que vous retrouverez dans l'interface feeds_sql.

A Responsive Drupal theme in 50 lines of code or less | Zivtech

Media Queries Media queries allow you style sheets to apply specific styles depending on the current size of the browser. Normally these need to go a the root of your CSS document but thankfully Sass has a media bubbling behavior that will ensure they find their way to where they belong and you are free to define them in a place that makes sense to you, even nesting them inside other selectors. screen and (max-width: 1000px)

Sasson | drupal.org

Sasson is a powerful base theme intended for advanced drupal theming, aiming at bringing the fun back to theming. It is a collection of many open source goodies combined together in a modular structure, everything is optional and we keep it so that what you don't use won't leave any trace in your output code. Clean and simple code, lightweight structure, latest technologies, 100% open-source and the best DX (developer experience) we could think of is what we hope you will find in this new drupal base theme.

La ferme Champy

C’est en 1999 que nous introduisons la culture du tournesol par plaisir et rien que pour la beauté du spectacle qu’offre cette mer de soleil. En février 2000, nous mettons en marché la première bouteille d’huile de tournesol Champy de première pression à froid, certifiée biologique. C’est une huile de grande qualité gustative et nutritionnelle. C’est un produit 100% québécois issu de notre terroir. Les champs de tournesol contribuent à l’embellissement de notre paysage rural, tout en permettant une diversification et une valeur ajoutée à notre agriculture québécoise.