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Mitt Romney is not the GOP candidate for president and if he ever is it will be as a result of election fraud so blatant that it would make a Russian blush. It now appears that these elitist traitors are going to declare their fraudulent count of the delegates as matter of fact in an attempt to ram Mitt Romney down the throats of a population that does not even want him on the same planet as them.

The Real 2012 Delegate Count for the Republican Primaries & Caucuses

Why "The Real 2012 Delegate Count""? The answer should be obvious. The mainstream media is simply not accurately covering the race for delegates in the Republican contest for President. In fact, if you watch network news you would believe that the Republican contest is over. It is not.

Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention

And it%u2019s looking like he%u2019ll get the states he needs. Earlier this week in Iowa and Minnesota, Ron Paul%u2019s covert, submarine delegate strategy paid off. Iowa has 28 total delegates that it can award, and one of those delegates is the state chairman, a Ron Paul supporter. Paul also picked up 13 delegates from the state%u2019s nomination committee, which decided yesterday to go for Ron Paul. Weeks after the Iowa race was called for Rick Santorum, Paul%u2019s grinding delegate game has paid off, and at the very worst, he will earn half of Iowa%u2019s delegates.

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul - Last Nail

Summary: Ron Paul Revolution Great speech by Congressman Ron Paul about the deteriorating state of our once great American Republic. Both parties now support endless foreign wars and aggression, unlimited corporate bailouts, the printing of money and devaluing of our currency by the Federal Reserve and bankrupting entitlement programs. Vote for Ron Paul so we can begin to restore America to the great beacon of hope and freedom it was intended to be.

Netanyahu Ties to Romney :

The relationship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Romney %u2014 nurtured over meals in Boston, New York and Jerusalem, strengthened by a network of mutual friends and heightened by their conservative ideologies %u2014 has resulted in an unusually frank exchange of advice and insights on topics like politics, economics and the Middle East.

Ron Paul wins first caucus; mainstream media calls it for Romney %u2014 RT

Not only does that decision inaccurately represent poll figures from the weekend, but goes against the formula the mainstream media relied on for other caucuses and primaries thus far this election year. Jack Hunter, a blogger for the Ron Paul campaign, writes that the media is “trying to have it both ways.” Although Congressman Paul had failed to achieve the most votes in any other state contest in 2012, he has developed an unorthodox strategy of collecting delegates in districts that have been awarded to his Republican Party rivals in terms of the popular vote.

Mitt Romney Wins Maine Caucus

!! Chercher l'erreur !! L'annonce: http://www.mainegop.com/2012/02/mitt-romney-wins-maine-caucus/ et les résultats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?authkey=CKT21ZkH&hl=en_US&key=0AjQBwcCtzwG8dEdGUWZjS1FwTW8wTzVyOEJ6dmg4cHc&f=true&noheader=true&gid=1

Pac-Man Hacked Onto a Touch-Screen Voting Machine Without Breaking "Tamper-Evident" Seals

The Pac-Man hack onto the Sequoia/Dominion voting machine was revealed this week. It was accomplished without breaking any of the "tamper-evident" seals that voting machine companies and election officials claim are used to ensure nobody can physically hack into them without being discovered.

Activist Post: Witnesses Document Potential Vote Fraud in S.C. Primaries

Even on the day of the primary itself, fraud was documented by the State Attorney General%u2019s office. It was reported by WTOC Channel 11 on January 21st 2012, that at least 953 votes had been cast by people who were listed as dead. SLED has been asked to investigate.

Iowa vote fraud official - Denver Conspiracy | Examiner.com

The Ron Paul camp, as usual, has downplayed the situation for fear of being an easy target and giving the establishment an excuse to label him and his supporters conspiracy "theorists," a very common tactic used by the establishment and it's media throughout Paul%u2019s career. Instead, he%u2019s tried to remain humble and look at the bright side in saying, "a strong third is still pretty good and still sends a message to the establishment and the American people."

24 hours before primary - Ron Paul and Gingrich Gain | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Gingrich up 14% in a day. Electronic voting machines only gave Ron Paul 13%. 11% drop in a day. That is a 24 hour crash that defies belief. It only makes sense when you tie it to Gingrich's surge. Vote fraud doesn't get more blatant than this.

30% of People Who Watch This Whole Presentation Change Their Vote

The video on this page shares surprising information about the candidates in the 2012 Republican Nomination process. Endorse Liberty is responsible for this communication.

BREAKING: James O’Keefe Catches Dead People Voting in New Hampshire – Could Oregon Be Next?

MANCHESTER, N.H. %u2014 Video footage provided exclusively to The Daily Caller shows election workers in New Hampshire giving out ballots in the names of dead voters at multiple voting precincts during the state%u2019s primary election on Tuesday.

90% Of Tonight%u2019s Votes To Be Counted By Diebold Electronic Voting Machines

Despite widespread accusations of vote fraud four years ago, New Hampshire has failed to revert to good old fashioned hand-counted paper ballots for all but 10 per cent of the votes that will be cast.

4um: Apparent Google Glitch Shows New Hampshire Primary Results

The results, sourced to the Associated Press and displayed alongside searches for GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney and Buddy Roemer (and presumably others), showed front-runner Mitt Romney coming in sixth place, behind Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann, who ended her campaign after last week's Iowa caucuses. Romney has consistently led polls by a wide margin.